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my sons name and gmas issues

My mother and mother in law both have overly expressed their dislike for the name my husband and i have chosen. i just wanted to get some feed back from other people who might not be so picky!

our name: Salem Michael 

Re: my sons name and gmas issues

  • Not so much for me. It is unique but I would think Salem was more for a girl. 

    My mom hated the name that we picked out for a girl until I told her that we found out we are having a girl... if this is the name that you and DH have chosen don't change it for anyone! 


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  • I don't really think it matters what other people think.... It's really not their decision... We won't be sharing our name until the bay is out and named to avoid this issue...
  • My parents/in laws have the same feeling about the first name we picked (Judah)--everyone was ok w the middle name bc it is after my grandfather. 

    Since they had already given their opinion and we generally respect their opinions about things even if we don't always follow, we asked them what their concerns were. We listened, thought about them, and decided to stick with it. I think once its  already out there, it can be nice to let them say what they want. If they keep bringing it up you can then say "we've thought about your concerns and kept them in mind, but this is what we decided to do".  Sometimes people are more ok with decisions they don't like if you've let them give their input. Also, it made me more comfortable picking something my mom didn't like (yes, i am 29 but i do care about her opinion sometimes). 

    I agree, your child, your choice but sometimes you need to take an extra step to keep the peace. 

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  • I like it. I worked with a guy named Salem and he was smart and fun. Good memories of that name! :)
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  • Perfectly fine name.  It's your child, they will learn to deal with it -- or they'll just give him a nick/pet name anyway.  
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  • I'm sorry they didn't like your name. It's hard when you love a name so much to hear bad reactions to it.

    Some people genuinely don't care what other people think-- family or not. To others, it's really important to choose a name that not only they, but their close friends and family, can all love. Neither option is more valid than the other-- it's just about how you feel. If you think that your love of the name will be affected by your mom & MIL's opinions, then there are plenty of other names out there. If not, use the name anyway, and maybe their opinion of Salem will change when they start to associate it with their grandson.

    FWIW (and I don't want to overload you with opinions), I think of the cigarettes, and then of the witch trials.

  • That is exactly why we are choosing to not share our name at all. It will hurt my feelings to hear people saying they don't like it.

    I like the name you chose. I know it is easier said than done....but forget the other people. It only matter what you and your husband think. Good luck! 

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  • The middle name is nice, but I'm not sure about the first.
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  • It's NMS, but that doesn't matter.  It also doesn't matter what the grandmothers think, it's your child. 
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  • I think it's great.  =)

    It's for this reason that we have decided to keep the name a secret, lol.  We get a little flack for not revealing, but it's actually kind of fun to watch people try to weasel it out of us and to just tell them, "Nope, it's a secret," and smile.  Haha.  I always tell people, "We are not accepting applications," which is a phrase that I think can work even in your situation, should anyone else decide to offer their two cents. ;)

    I think the best thing you can do is have good humor about it.  Not everybody is going to love the name, but nobody else matters!  Just chuckle, shrug, toss out a good-natured "that sucks, but we like it so there ya go," and change the subject.

    // I love you too. //

  • i'm not a fan of the name Salem, but it doesn't matter what I, or anyone else, thinks!

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  • All I have to say is that it is YOUR child, not theirs. They had their chance to name their kids whatever they wanted, now it's yours. Not everyone is going to love the them, but if you and your husband want that name, then do it :) My one brother absolutely despised my other brother baby's first name Ava. Now he couldn't imagine her not being his little Ava bean. Although his remarks PO-ed my brother and sister in-law off, it was ultimately their decision.

    I love telling people what we're naming our future son or daughter, and I love even the negative reactions we get!  If it's a boy, we're calling him Vincent James and we constantly get "oh you're not going to call him Vinny are you???" Eventhough I wasn't planning on calling him that, I say I do just to rub it in :)

      I think you should stick with your first choice, it's unique and uncommon. This world is filled with too many common names, it's time for change :)

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  • Sorry, I don't really like it. It reminds me of a city.
  • I guess I don't really think it's anybody's business and certainly not their place to name your child. If you and your DH like the name, who cares what anybody else thinks? They will love your child and the name will become like second nature to them. Stick with what you love.
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  • Awesome name!! Very original!!

    i had the same issue with my parents when i told them the name "Dahlia Teagan". I got confused looks and a lot of "huh?"s. The more i said it around them referring to the baby, the more used to it they got. It's YOUR baby, so YOU get to name him!! Congrats!! and I love Salem Michael!!

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  • Who cares what they think? They had their chance to name their babies!

    The name itself is NMS, but if you like it, go for it! 

  • When DH told my SIL our son's name she sent a text saying 'Do not like that at all.' But I don't like her and we don't get along well so I told him that sealed the deal. Lol!
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  • There is a boy at the elementary school I work at named Salem. He is not teased or anything for having that name. I actually like that name a lot and he is a good kid too!

    My mom doesn't like the name we like for a boy either (Declan) but we just told her it would grow on her if we did decide to use it and she was okay with that and said yeah it probably would grow on her but she just wouldn't name her own kid that. It bothered me at first that my mom didn't like the name we both love but I know she would get over it.

    My siblings and my husband's cousins have chosen names families didn't like at first either but everyone eventually got over it once the baby arrived and then associated the cute baby/toddler to the name rather than someone they knew. Or just thinking of it as an uncommon name. 

    I personally think the name is a decision between the parents of the baby and if it is a name you both love go with it! Everyone else will eventually come around. :-) 

  • I live in Salem MA so the name wouldn't work for us. But if it works for you and your husband then stick with it, your family will get over it.

    We told our family straight out we are not sharing the names we picked because we dont want anyone's opinion. Its going to be hard to keep a secret but easier than hearing peoples feedback.




  • I think you should go with what you like. There will always be someone who doesn't like the name you chose. You didn't have an opinion when they named you :) I think we will keep our name a secret until Baby is born to just avoid such judgment. I think it's a great name if you guys love it.
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  • With my first son everyone hated the name I'd picked..we changed it to Michael at the last minute after the shower and everything so all of the shower favors say Jeremiah Elijah..and his name is Michael Lee.. LOL

     With our second son we chose Noah Thomas..everyone hated it again..but I put my foot down!

     This time around we were blessed with a girl, and we chose Temperance Grace..with all my raging hormones I swear if my MIL(or anyone else) makes one more rude remark I'm gonna shove a sock in her (their) mouth!!! 

    Don't let any one change your mind! If they want to name a baby tell them to have their OWN!!! 

    Oh and I LOVE IT by the way :) 

  • NMS but I think it?s a nice name still
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  • It's not for me but it's a nice and the names go great together!


    I know how you feel, my mom hates the potential names we've picked out for girls (I thought she'd hate the one we picked out for a boy but go figure, she loves it). I say, it's your baby so your opinion matters most. ?

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