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Getting tired of saying "Congratulations"!

In the last year since we have been trying to get pregnant, literally 14 babies have been born into our family or are currently on their way.  How many people are going to get pregnant before it?s our turn already?!?!  I of course put on my big fake smile and in my big fake happy voice say "That's GREAT news!!!  Pass along our congratulations!!  I'm SOOO happy for her!!". 

Really I want to say in my hormonal drug induced bitchy state "What the fertile? Why are you telling me this?  So happy that now everyone has a baby and we don't...thanks for sharing the news.  Please....put that in your pacifier and suck it".  But.......I don't. 

I pull out of somewhere tucked deep down inside my polycystic ovary a big "That's so wonderful"!  I respond this way because I have discovered that apparently it?s not socially acceptable to become a raging infertile lunatic in public, because I'm strong and I refuse to show anyone my jealous and bitter side, because I know it?s actually good news even if it doesn?t feel that way, and because one day IT WILL BE my turn too. Now if everyone could please just keep their legs crossed until I get my BFP....that would be great.  Thanks in advance to my excessively fertile family and friends.


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Re: Getting tired of saying "Congratulations"!

  • I totally agree. I really do.

    It is hard to put on a fake smile when you are dying inside.

    I am reading "Silent Sorority" (Kindle version from Amazon).

    It is not technical at all, but deals with the emotional side if IF. It really struck me. You should check it out. It made me feel less alone in my sadness, and avoidance of anything baby...

    I am sorry you are upset! 

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  • so sorry your upset. I totally get that its a happy time for them and that all great. I'm getting sick of the ones that get pregnant and then biitch about it. I would do anything to trade them places!
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  • lmbo I am loving the line "Now if everyone could please just keep their legs crossed until I get my BFP....that would be great." You rock girl -- Right there with ya.. We have had 3 babies born into the family since we have been TTC.. Vent away!

     Good luck on everything! <3 <3

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  • right there with ya girl! just found out that two of our friends are pregnant, another one is due next month, my SIL had one in Feb! It hard to be around them, seeing their cute bellies or their cute little babies!
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