Pumping Post- Thrush?

My LO has had Thrush since birth and will be 5 weeks old tomorrow. We started Nystatin at 2 weeks and it cleared up her oral thrush but not the thrush on my nipples. I have done two doses of diflucan now and have been using Dr. Newman's nipple cream and I think it's finally starting to go away. 

For those of you who have dealt with Thrush, when did you start pumping for your freezer stash again. I have an outing next week that I would like to pump milk for and I don't know when I'm in the clear again. What do you think? 

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Re: Pumping Post- Thrush?

  • Dd and I dealt with thrush for several weeks, and the whole time I was pumping and freezing my milk. Both the lactation nurse and the pedi said NOT to throw away all the milk I pumped. They said that it would be fine. Anyway, Dd very rarely gets a bottle of bm, but when she does, it's fine. We haven't gotten thrush again from the frozen milk.
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    honestly I kept all of my thrush milk
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  • My OB said to go about pumping/feeding like I normally do. I EP. My LO doesn't have thrush, just me.
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  • I'm SO sorry to hear that you are going through this!  We just got through thrush on me.  Lena just got over her second round of antibiotics in 4 weeks and I just got over a Z-Pak as well.  Needless to say, her body is wiped out of good bacteria and she got a nasty yeastie diaper rash and it spread to my nipples.  It was suggested that I toss my freezer stash too but I just can't bring myself to do it.  Not sure what to tell you other than I am so sorry!  Sounds like you have a pretty aggressive case of it though and it might be best to get rid of all traces of the yeast.....  :(
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