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DS Smashed his fingers in a window!

We are renting an old house and most of our windows have to be propped open. Well I'm out cleaning up dinner and I hear this thump, thump, thump, and go on a hunt for the sound. I found DS in our office wiggling the brace holding the window open back and forth and knew immediately I was a second too late. Right as I saw it he yanked the brace out...the whole thing was in slow motion. I saw it coming out, saw his fingers right in line the window to smash down on them and started running over right away, but I was too late. The window came smashing down on 4 fingers on his left hand.

It was horrible. I yanked the window open half expecting to see my sons fingers gone. Thankfully they were all there, severely dented, but there nevertheless. I was shaking so bad and trying to figure out what to do- do I wait it out, do I rush him to the ER, call my husband at work...? I went for ice to help with the swelling. He wouldn't let me touch them, but after a minute I could see he was moving all of them reasonably well. Now an hour later they don't seem to be bothering him at all despite being pretty swollen. I'm going to keep an eye on the swelling and make sure that he's not avoiding using that hand, but I think I may have gotten very lucky this time. All the same, I don't ever want that to happen again. It was so scary and I felt so bad for DS.

I'm so not ready for bumps, bruises, and broken bones!!

Re: DS Smashed his fingers in a window!

  • I'm glad he is ok, I might look into an x-ray just in case but I'm kinda paranoid!

    I hope he feels better soon!

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  • Sounds like he is okay, but I probably would've had them checked just in case. He could have a tiny fracture or something that needs medical attention. I would call your Dr in the morning if the swelling hasn't gone down.

    Must be something in the air today - DD was laying on the couch and decided to roll over and right off the couch! She landed on her back and knocked the wind out of her - she had the hiccups after. ANd she cried so hard she was shaking. But totally fine after I got her calmed down.

    Glad your LO is ok.



  • Call your pedi, something similar happened when my DH was little and his mom didn't think he broke it.  Anyway, by the time his mom took him to the doctor his finger healed crooked.
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