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Anyone still having hip pain?

I had pretty bad hip pain towards the end of my pregnancy and thought it would go away afterwards but it is still around and it has been over 4 months now.  My gyno recommend that I see my regular doctor if it lasted longer than three months after delivery which I will probably do soon but was just curious if anyone else was having the same problem.  It isn't constant but seems to be worse at night or early morning.  Thanks in advance.
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Re: Anyone still having hip pain?

  • I am also having hip pain. Sometimes it hurts so bad when I stand or sit.
  • Maybe something is just misaligned or it's a nerve or something.  Have you tried going to the chiropractor?  Mine has helped me unbelievably!
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  • I have hip and back pain but I think its just from how I carry LO.  I went for a massage yesterday (got it for my bday) and the woman asked if I had scoliosis since the left side of my body was so "beat up" (which is what she called it).  I told her its called a needy 5 month old!!!!!
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  • It seems to be getting worse rather than better. I am finally seeing a chiropractor. Hope he can help. Seems to be related to my sciatic nerve.
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  • Go see a chiropractor. Most likely, you'll have instant relief. I finally went the other day, and i didn't realize how out of whack my back and hips really were! I was able to stand up straighter and walk more smoothly once everything was put back in place.
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  • My baby is 3months old now and I still get pain in the pelvic-pubic area, especially at night when I want to roll over and have to swing my leg(s) across. I had pelvic girdle pain pretty bad during the last half of pregnancy. I traveled for work so I went to docs in different cities, but all the obstetricians I saw - English, American, Japanese or Thai - brushed it off as "normal" for pregnancy. So I didn't do anything about it. My doula did some research, and it seems it's being "increasingly recognized" as a problem. Her other clients who had this went to alternative practitioners eg chiropractors. They were told it is a mechanical adjustment, it isn't difficult or painful and they'd just have to do some fairly easy follow up exercises. They're reportedly happy with the outcomes. If it doesn't get better soon I'll have to travel to the next big city and see a chiropractor.

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