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What size diapers and for how long???

My boyfriend and I have started our baby registry items and I am trying to decide how many diapers we should request and what sizes.  I know they're based on weight, and I added at least one package of diapers for each size.  Does anyone have any suggestions??

Re: What size diapers and for how long???

  • NB lasted 2 days in hosp. my son was 9lbs. so went to 1's right away. used those for about 1 month then went to 2 for another month. and then 3's he's been in for the longest. My suggestion is to load up on 2's and 3's and not so much NB and 1's (altho they seem to poop every 2hrs :) Good Luck. my guy is 15lbs now and 14wks old. been in 3's for over 6 wks. they seemed big at first but when he started pooping up the back of his number 2's i switched and that seemed to help.  :)
  • We used newborn diapers for 4 weeks I think.  We used 1 96 pack box a week.  Don't stockpile the bigger sizes, it's just a waste of space.  Get mostly newborn and some size 1.  You can exchange what is the wrong size.  We weren't in size 2 for a while- 5 or 6 months maybe?  I can't remember.  Size 3 lasts forever since kids slow down growth a lot in that range.
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