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last night dream??

I've been hearing a lot that when your pregnant you have tons of dreams and you remember most of them. I haven't had any or that I remember until last night. I had 2 dreams wondering if they have a meaning..

1st dream I showed up at a baby shower late and when I got there I noticed all the guests looked like my guest and someone told me that I looked like a mess and why wasn't I wearing the dress I was going to wear for my shower. I was confused until the told me that I was my baby shower not a friends. lol I no make up on and ooked like a mess since I was running late to a shower I thought was for a friend. crazy!!

 2nd dream was a scary I dream that I gave birth at not sure if it was 15 weeks or just gave birth way to early. And our baby was in the hospital and was a little fighter and was alive and very tiny. In my dream hubby and I would not leave our babys side. The baby kept gaining weight and getting healthier.This was scary.

Has anyone had crazy dreams during pregnancy??

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Re: last night dream??

  • ktb31ktb31
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    Super wierd dreams!

    - I could unzip my abdomen and pull out the baby and put it back in, and apparently I found out it was a boy by doing that.

    - My belly skin was super thin and I could pretty much hold the baby in my arms even though it was still in my belly.  Apparently found out it was a boy that way as well.  (Can you tell we are team green and I can't wait to find out?:)

    - And last night I was playing a driving video game with my 2 1/2 year old and we were driving on this course having a really good time.

    - Oh and of course the one where I found out my hubby was cheating so I was planning how I was going to get a new place.   

  • Oh yeah. I've been having the weirdest dreams.

    Before the BD and I were back together, I was constantly having dreams about us being married and everything was absolutely perfect (That's weird to me because of how we had left each other and the fact that marriage scares me).


    Also dreams about people I see during the day and don't know.

  • Mine are CRAZY!! And usually not baby related. Last night I had a dream that Dh's friend and Snoop Dogg were torturing me and peeing on me! WTH does that mean? I was big pregnant in the dream too... It was awful.
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  • Last night I dreamt that I could do all of the spells from Harry Potter. For instance, the window in someones car got shot out, and I used "repairo" to fix them..... Indifferent
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  • I'm having 2-3 dreams nightly, and some of them feel so real that I'm not even sure if I've slept or not!! My weirdest one by far was when my husband was half dog, half himself. We have a wolf hybrid and, whenever my husband talked in the dream he howled lol Yet for some reason this was perfectly normal!!! I enjoy the weird dreams, they all make me laugh in the morning :)
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  • Last night I dreamed I was staying at a campground in a tiny travel trailer with my whole extended family.  I got so annoyed with them so I left to attend an outdoor concert/festival thing.  Suddenly a group of parachuters landed by me, where I ran into a really cute guy with green eyes.  We decided we were gonna hook up, so we went back to the campground.  I left him to go use the bathroom (which resembled a pile of giant french fries).  To find the toilet, I had to weave through a maze where I encountered a man that I thought was going to rape me.  So I started running away.  I ran into a couple of girls that were going to help me.  I think we killed somebody.  Then I woke up with my cat laying on my belly and I had to pee really bad.
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  • I have been mostly having anxiety dreams my whole pregnancy so i did some research. i found these links real quick but there are alot of websites about dream interpretations. Maybe youll find something interesting.

    http://www.babyzon e.com/pregnancy/health_wellness/sleep_pregnant/article/pregnancy-dreams-guide


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