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Same old vent: Maternity clothes are just plain gross

I'm not willing to spend hundreds on temporary clothes so I stick with the lower cost stuff like Old Navy, Motherhood and Target.  I don't understand why maternity clothes are so horrid.  I don't wear flowers and prints outside of pregnancy, why would I want to do that now?

I'm trying to figure out ways to wear regular clothes with a bump and am loving the Bump it Up book and some videos I've found on You Tube.

Thanks for letting me vent! At least today, I'm in a semi acceptable outfit.  Skinny jeans, a thermal and vest!

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Re: Same old vent: Maternity clothes are just plain gross

  • I've found a few cute things - but I hear what you are saying about some of the prints and patterns that are out there.    Nice shoes and accessories seem to be what I spend the most $$ on now.  I know I can use them after the pregnancy.  And I can wear a nice white shirt (like this one - fabric is actually really nice), a dropfront cardigan and a pair of skinny jeans - then dress it up with a cool long necklace and heals.


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  • I spent almost an hour in Old Navy today and didn't buy a single thing from the maternity section (I'm already good on jeans and capris from my last pregnancy), but I ended up buying 5 shirts, 2 skirts, and 2 dresses from their regular section (it was almost all on clearance and then 40% off on top of that).  I'm hoping to avoid actual maternity shirts until the very end if I can.
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  • I agree! Some of these prints are horrible. I have a hard time finding maternity tops that are cute and priced reasonably.  I have been buying summer dresses. Some are not maternity but they have an empire waist and room to stretch!
  • Agreed! I took my DH out to help me shop a few weeks ago, and he commented on how they all looked like they were just 'frumpy old lady clothes' with 'extra room in the middle' lol! But he kind of has a point. I've been wearing the "long and lean' tank tops from Taget, because they're really stretchy and long, under open sweaters. I'm just hoping I can keep milking 'normal' clothes a bit longer.

  • I have a few maternity pieces that I like - but I'm also making regular clothes work. I just bought a non-maternity dress a size larger than I probably would have, and I bought a skirt that is stretchy and cute that should work for awhile longer. 
  • I only buy pants and then I just buy up a size in regular clothes.  This worked for my first pregancy.  I am still able to wear some of my pre-pregnancy pants just unbuttoned to work.  I am not a fan of maternity clothes either; they just don't fit my body right.
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  • I agree most of the stuff is just terrible & I can't afford to spend lots on a temporary wardrobe.

    That said I did find a few nice plain Ts from Liz Lange at Target. So I stocked up!  They can be dressed up or down depending on what you wear with them, accessorize etc.  I have not had much luck with bottoms though & need to concentrate on finding those next.

  • If you're near one, try H&M.  They have really cute clothes that you'd want to wear even if you weren't pregnant.  Burlington Coat Factory also has a good selection and the clothes are cheap.  I loads of cute tops and 3 pairs of maternity skinny jeans for a little over $100.

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  • Agreed. H&M has a small but awesome line! Personally, I don't go any where near Old Navy. I'm not a snob, I just have never seen anything there that is worth a second glance. Gap has some cute basics. And you have to dig a bit but I have found a few pieces at Motherhood.
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  • Are you sure you're looking at the same stores?  Old Navy has some really nice things that don't have flower prints on them. Motherhood is expensive to me for temporary clothes.  Target is a good place to get t-shirts for cheap that have no prints on them.
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  • I'm glad I'm not the only one.  I started looking in the juniors XL section since they tend to have flowy, longer shirts. H&M does have some cute stuff but they seem to have a really small inventory and everything is either way too small or large!  

    I'm going to try my luck again this weekend.  Accessories are definitely key. Thanks ladies! 

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    I agree! Some of these prints are horrible. I have a hard time finding maternity tops that are cute and priced reasonably.  I have been buying summer dresses. Some are not maternity but they have an empire waist and room to stretch!

    This is my strategy also - dresses.  HOping it is warm enough in New England in May to start wearing them.  Otherwise I've been buying regular shirts but have invested in a couple maternity cardigans and a few pairs of pants.  Since regular shirts tend to be long on me I just stopped buy the petite size and hope the little extra length will work for a while. 

  • I like kikisfashions.com their stuff is pretty cute & prices are reasonable. I loathe maternity clothes. I gave in & bought a couple of shirts, but I'm sticking to maternity shorts & trying to go with regular shirts in larger sizes & regular sized dresses are a nice alternative too. 
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  • I have found some wonderful plain color maternity clothes at old navy maternity. every single outfit i have purchased in the last 3 weeks has been awesome and something i would totally wear to work normally.
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  • I HATE looking for maternity clothes... I have to have dressy maternity clothes for school right now, too, and there's not a single place in my town to buy maternity clothes anywhere... I ended up ordering some online so that I have a couple decent shirts :(
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