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Anyone Fly with a 6 week old??

DH and I will be flying next week to NC for 2 weeks. We were very apprehensive about taking LO on a plane, but we are also not comfortable with me being alone for 2 weeks. Has anyone traveled with their LO at this age? Any suggestions for the plane ride? We do plan to keep him in the Moby or Bjorn, but any additional suggestions would be great. TIA!

Re: Anyone Fly with a 6 week old??

  • I flew with my DS when he was 7 weeks.  It is not too bad.  I was really nervous, but looking back at it, everything was great.  Definitely put him in the moby to get through security and walking through the airports.  He slept for most of the flight and when he got fussy, I just nursed him.  He actually loved going into the airplane bathroom for a change.  It is definitely nerve racking at the time, but you will do just fine!
    Now that I fly with him as a toddler, I realize that flying with a newborn is a breeze!
  • We flew with our three kids when our youngest was 8 weeks. He was pretty good but here are a few tips:

    Have him suck on a bottle, breast or pacifier during take off and landing. That way it keeps his ear canals open so the cabin pressure change will not bother the baby. Kind of like when we chew gum.

    Dont stress. My husband was so stressed out Finn was going to cry the whole flight and people would be pissed. However if I was super stressed holding the baby he would have been tense and fussy. The baby most likely wont cry the whole flight. Finn cried a bit on take off and no one even gave me the stink eye (that I noticed). IF they did? Oh well.

    Pack a little more formula or breast milk than you think you will need (unless you nurse then you are good to go). Nothing worse than worrying midflight you may not have enough. OR spilling some (like I did).

     Have fun! Baby will probably sleep the whole time. I just snuggled Finn and took a tiny nap myself.

    Good luck!

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