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What is YOUR name?

Tell me about your name? Do you Love it? hate it? Do you think it's just ok? Do you not particularly like it, but can see why your parents gave you that name? any unwanted NN's?

My name is Anna Catherine, although when I was a little girl I actually wanted to be named Brittany or Ashley because I thought it would be fun to have the same name as my friends

Now I am soooo happy that my parents gave me a classic, timeless name!


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Re: What is YOUR name?

  • Rebecca Ann NN Becky or Beck

    I am happy with it. I hated Rebecca growing up, but now I like it. At work I am Rebecca and casually I am Becky (mostly Beck though)......

    And no one ever calls me Rebecca Ann (except my mom when she is outraged by something I did or said)    ;) 

  • My name is very "she was born in the late 70's - early 80's" sort of name.

    I don't have a "filler" mn - which I'm happy about, and my nn is common for my first name but spelled a bit different which is also nice. The nn spelling hardly matters (I don't use it except with family) and its one way to stand out with such a common formal name. The other two on my mom's list were Raven & Season - I ended up with a fn so common there were 5 of us in a class of 80 students.

    Thanks dad! Big Smile

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  • Lisa. I was born in 1974, so it was very popular then. I think my name is ok. Could be better, but could definitely be worse. I like the sound of it, just not the popularity in my age group. People sometimes call me "Lee".  I don't mind that nickname.
  • Monica Isabel

    I like it. Isabel is after my mom's sister who passed away when they were in their 20's. NN is mostly Moni.

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  • Joani Lynn

    I hated Joani growing up because people would mispronounce it or miss-spell it.

    By high school I liked it again, but I always figured that when I got older I would go as Joan, because Joan is more grown up.   I still go as Joani, I don't think I will ever go as Joan.  I am not a Joan, I am a Joani  I like my name, it is unique with out being you-neek, at least that is my opinion.

  • My name is Randi, which makes my thread below hilarious.

    I really didn't like it when I was younger. I got called Rambo a lot. i wished that my parents had at least named me Miranda so I could fall back on that.

    I don't mind it now that I'm older except everyone either spells it Randy or thinks I'm saying Brandi.

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  • Jill Marie, which I have met so many women with Marie as their middle name. I find my name boring and it rhymes with way to many things!!! Something I keep in mind when I pick names out for my kids :-)
  • Jocelyn Kate

    I love my name. I didn't meet another Jocelyn until college. However, now it is getting popular. 

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  • Kristine Lee - I was originally going to be Michelle, but there were 3 other babies in the nursery named Michelle, so she changed it last minute. Umm, there were about 35 other Kristine/Christine/Christina's and Kristen's in my high school graduating class of 200 students and only 1 Michelle LOL

    Lee is a family name, passed down from 3 generations of women. I like that part of it.

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  • Jamie Leigh.

    Maybe this explains why I have an attraction to more unisex/masculine names for girls.  ;)  I used to think it was sooooo boring as a kid, but now I like it a lot more & actually think it's kind of spunky for a girl.  It also seems to be on the upswing of popularity again (especially for boys!). 

    I also always thought I was named after a grandfather (James).  But just in the past few weeks, my mother told me it was a last-second decision AFTER I was born & that she thought of it because an acquaintance had just named her daughter the same thing!  My parents had decided to name me Skye, which no one liked but them, & the point was nailed down when they told the original name to the doctors & nurses after I was born (apparently they got the side-eye, big time).  So Jamie Leigh it became!    


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  • Allison. I have always really really liked my name a lot. It's sort of a "contemporary" classic. It was ranked in the top 50 something when I was born ('81) and has continued to be in the top 50 since. Yet, I never had more than just me in my class and no more than one or two others in school growing up.
  • Amy Grace. When I was younger I didn't like how "ordinary" my first name seemed so I jazzed it up with a ridiculous spelling (Ammi) in 8th grade. I thankfully came to my senses the following summer.

    I was named both after the song "Amazing Grace" and for my grandmother, Grace. As popular as Grace is now, it wasn't at all when I was growing up. I love having part of this woman's name as mine. She seriously was the coolest.

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  • My name is Sarah Elise.  

    I dislike that my first name is kind of bland, there were quite a few Sarah's born in the 80s.  

    However, overall I like my name.  I like the way it flows and I like that it's classic and can't necessarily be attached to a specific time period.  

    I was always sad that I didn't have any nicknames that came from my name directly though and I did go by my mn in middle school because I thought it was prettier and more unique.  

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  • Kristin Marie.  Was I born in the early 80s or WHAT!?!

    I've never really thought about my name.  I am rarely called by it.  My DH calls me Boo or Babe.  My parents call me Kris.  My friends call me a derivative of my maiden name.

    I love my MN.  It was the inspiration behind our girl name this pregnancy -- Anne Marie. 

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  • Jacklyn Rochelle.

    I loved it because I was the only one in HS with the name. I've met some Jaclyn's but it just looks like it's missing a letter to me. Also I am named after my dad Jackie Ray (Jr.) so I liked that meaning. Other names my mom liked for me:: Tiffany and Jeri for girl names! So glad she didn't pick those.

    My brother's names are Joshua Daniel(nn Josh) and Jeffrey Ray (nn Jeff)=) I think my parents did good.

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  • My name is Hannah Marie. When I was born, Hannah wasn't crazy popular yet. I only knew one or two my age growing up. My MN was after a dear friend of my parents, so I don't see it as a "filler". 

    I like my name. If it weren't mine, I think it is one that would be on my own baby name list.  

  • My name is Elaine Leigh. 

    I like my name, I was named after my mom & my dad's favorite cousin.  I've only ever met a couple of people with my name.  I've never wanted to change it to something "more popular".  I've never gone by any nicknames, although sometimes people call me Ellen or Eileen by mistake.

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  • My name is Laura, which I love. It's classic, but you don't hear it too often. Plus, I was named after my super cool grandmother.

    However, I don't like my mn, Michelle very much. My dad, Michael, insisted on it so I would be named after him. It screams 70s to me. But it's not like I use it often.

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  • I'm Amy Elizabeth. I feel kind of meh about Amy, but love Elizabeth. 

     We're moving to the North soon and I'm thinking about telling people my name is Elizabeth. Would that be weird? Amy just feels like a kiddie name. 

  • Nina Marie

    I like it together but usually I'm just Nina. Growing up I got called a lot of things: Neener, Neener Weener, Nina Beana etc. Then there was always the Chtistopher Colombus assosiation. So I didn't really like it when I was younger. I wanted a more common name.

    Now it's not so bad but it wouldn't have been one I would have picked.


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  • Jennifer Allison....can you tell I was born in 1985? Haha. My sister is named April and I always felt like I would have been a better April since Im the flower child and shes the "square" of the family. I hated being Jennifer H (first letter of maiden name) growing up. I remember how excited I was in highschool when an older Jennifer graduated so I could then use Jen on my soccer jersey instead of Jenn. Sad thing is, In 2005 when my first daughter was born, I wasnt into using the computer. I picked the Emma! I had no clue it was so popular since I didnt use the internet back then. Funny thing is...we have lived in several different states and towns since she has been born and she has yet to be in the same class with another Emma. Thank God. I hated myself for naming her that for a long time. We only call her Em, so its not the end of the world.
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  • My name is Sheena Marie.  My parents gave me this name because it is Scottish.  It is the english pronounciation of Jane in Gaelic.  They thought that spelling my name the Gaelic way as S?ne would be hard for some to read and pronounce correctly.  They went with Sheena because that is the spelling that looks the way it is pronounced.

    I like my name but I do prefer the spelling S?ne but I am glad I don't always have to correct people.  

    So I like my first name Sheena but Marie is ok, I don't dislike it.  It is so common as a mn but not a bad name.  They just randomly chose it because it sounded good with Sheena, no real meaning behind it.

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  • Laura Johanna. I like my first name, it's classic. My mn is after my grandmother and I love that. I hated it growing up bc I didn't have the same mn as anyone else haha!

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  • Erin Colleen.  I hated it growing up b/c I wanted one of the names everyone had - Ashley, Kelly, Kimberly, Jennifer.   Now I love it.  It's a name that is not unusual yet you are not going to run into someone named Erin everywhere you go.
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  • Leah Christine.

    I love my name. It was never too popular, but not too weird, either.  I don't love when people mispronounce it, but that is happening less and less these days as it's becoming more popular.  My MN is my mother's FN, which I like, too.  I like family MNs.

    In college I was Lele (lee-lee), thus my screen name.  I like that NN, but I don't like just Lee.  When I was a little kid in gymnastics I got called Leah-Tard a few times, which made me cry.  But kids will find something wrong with every name out there, won't they?

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  • Tawny Elizabeth. I hated it when I was growing up, and I still don't totally love it. It constantly gets misspelled and mispronounced. Even people who read my name tag at work would butcher it. Hmm The only person who has never had trouble with it is my DH; this is one of the reasons I am convinced he is my soulmate. As for NN's, I've answered to many variations of my name because I've learned that it's easier then always correcting people. The most common are: Tanya, Tammy, and Tony. Although I've also gotten Connie and Twany, which isn't even a real name. My mom named me after that chick from the White Snake video. Which also goes a long way to explain why she spent most of my life trying to push me into modeling and beauty pageants. Although, she swears she found my name in that Little Golden Book, The Tawny Scrawny Lion, everyone else in my family says that's not true, she got it from that model chick.
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  • image Sunshine is mine:

    Tell me about your name?Michelle Jessica Do you Love it? hate it? Do you think it's just ok?I think it is fine expect I was 1 out of 10 or so Michelle's in high school and 1 out of 3 @work.Do you not particularly like it, but can see why your parents gave you that name?MN and FN were popular then any unwanted NN's?Shelly Belly, Shellabell

    My name is Anna Catherine, although when I was a little girl I actually wanted to be named Brittany or Ashley because I thought it would be fun to have the same name as my friends

    Now I am soooo happy that my parents gave me a classic, timeless name!




  • My name is Shannon Elizabeth. I hated it growing up but I love it now. The only nickname I've gotten from it that I hate (usually from aunts or this one annoying co-worker I had) was Shanny... ugh seriously... the other nicknames I got were because of  my last name. My maiden name was Creamer so I was S.Creamer... screamer... yea i got call that all the time and every variation you can think of with creamer.. cream, creampuff, ice cream, etc. I didn't mind it though, it was never people making fun of it me it was all by my friends haha 

  • Keri Michael Marie Ren?

    born in 1976. The name was popular, the spelling was not. My parents wanted to spell my name so that it was short and looked American (French people) My mom loved Kari but thought the K-A part sounded horrible to spell out loud. Plus people might call me CAR-e instead on CARE-e. Michael is my dad's name, Marie is my moms MN.

    I like my name, the spelling is odd but it fits me. I usually got called Ren?. I guess I looked more like my maiden name. C'est la vie

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  • Caroline Ann.  I love my first name.  I was named after my maternal grandmother who died a few months before I was born.  Ann is ok.  I don't mind it, but I don't really love it.  I do think it sounds good with my first name though. :)
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