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What are 3 things you love about your child?

Should be easy to answer right?  I'm watching the teen mom 2 reunion, and when Dr. Drew asked Barbara to name 3 things she loved about Jenelle, she had to search and search for something to say.  I think that is so sad.  I work for EI and when we create the child's service plan, we have a section where we ask the parent "What do you love about your child?  What are their strengths?" and then we ask "What are your child's weaknesses?  What do you want us to work on?"  You would not believe the amount of parents who sit there like this Indifferent when we ask them to name the positives about their child.  It is heartbreaking to sit there and watch a parent's face go blank and not even be able to think of one thing they love about their child.

So on that note, name 3 things you love about your LO's!

DD- She's got an amazing sense of humor, she's smart, she's outgoing

DS- He's super happy, he's very social, and so far he's hitting all milestones just like he should

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Re: What are 3 things you love about your child?

  • He can make me smile even at my worst, he loves learning/practicing milestones, and as I said yesterday...he's my toughest challenge but at the same time, he's the one thing that can get me through any day.
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  • 1.  She's super alert (always has been) and always want's to be held face out so she can take everything in. 

    2.  Her smile is magic.  Her pout is even better.

    3.  She looks into my eyes more deeply than anyone else ever has.  Its disarming and heart melting and forces me to connect deeper than I ever thought possible.

    I give up trying to get a ticker.  I have a DD that is 2.5 years old and is awesome.  Maybe I'll add a quote to distinguish myself.  Hmmm.  How about...

    "It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?" - A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh
  • She's the most adorable little baby that I've ever seen.  Of course, I am biased though.

    She is too smart.  She started tilting her head to the side and smiling to get what she wants.

    She is Ms. Personality...a sassy little thing, but I LOVE it.  We'll see if I feel the same way when she's 15.

  • DS (his name is Jackson too!)- very smart, very polite, has a great sense of humor, adorable, (oh you said just 3!)

    DD- her laugh is contagious, she'll "talk" to anybody, loves to play with her big brother already!


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  • I watched that episode was very sad! I hope they can rebuild their relationship.

    I love how Sophee talks to me, how she smiles throughout the day and how alert and active she is whether in my hands or on the floor.


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  • I love his love for SO, when I hold DS he just stares at his dad like " I wanna be like you one day" its melts my heart, his laugh & the way he takes everything in & concentrates on his surrondings with his mouth open in aww.

    ETA: I can't type today..sorry.

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  • My 3 would be exactly the ones you listed for your DS, so I'll pick a couple of other things.

    Silly things make him laugh, like blowing raspberries or when he farts. I'm stupidly proud of this because he obviously got this habit from me. So far, nothing has scared him and he takes everything in stride. And, this is a little off topic, but he makes me insanely happy and has shown me that I am stronger than I thought I was. I love that about him.

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  • The way she smiles at me when I get home from work.

    The fact that she growls at her stuffed animals, it makes me laugh so hard.

    How she reaches up to touch my face when I go in and pick her up in the morning, it melts my heart every time.

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    Stop and smell the flowers



  • 1. She's very easygoing.

    2. She's already a chatty cathy and I just know we are going to have the best talks.

    3.  Her smile lights up my soul.

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  • LO is such a happy baby.  Always smiling and everyone and everything.

    So Loveable.  Even if I'm having a bad day or i'm in a bad mood....just seeing her makes everything alright.

    Little drama queen already. She knows how to get what she wants.

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  • Only 3??  You make this sooo difficult!! :)

    1) I love it when I pick E up from her homecare and her face lights up as soon as she sees me and she smiles.

    2) I love when E laughs.  I feel like DH and I are doing a good job at making her happy.

    3) I love how she's perfect just how she is, at the rate she is growing, and at how she's learning and doing new things everyday.

    No matter what, she will always be my little girl and I will love everything about her.  Being a mother has shown me that there really is no greater love than the one you experience when you have a child.

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  • The fact that he is always ready with a smile or a giggle - he is very social and flirts with people. His smile makes any day better.

    He loves looking around and taking things in- so observant.

    That he, for the most part, eats well and sleeps alright for his age.  

    That he is healthy!



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  • 1- He is happy all of the time. He is so quick to smile, and laughs all of the time.

    2- He get so excited when I go to pick him up from my parents house after work. Kicks his feet, laughs, waves his arms. It's amazing.

    3- He grabs my face with both hands and "hugs" me.


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  • His smile, his laugh, his determination!
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  • 1. i love the way he's like he's having a real conversation and he'll get going really good and make facial expressions to go along with the intonations in his voice and everything. he's not just babbling, he's actually trying to TELL me something and i LOVE it!

    2. i love how he'll just lay in my arms and stare at me and smile. he made the daycare lady cry once when he was doing this because she thought it was so sweet and she sees moms and babies all the time so i thought that was pretty awesome.

    3. i love how he clasps his little hands together when we're driving and he falls asleep int he car seat. it is the sweetest thng i've ever seen.

    4. (extra credit...i could do this all day) i love how smart he is, how aware and how alert. i love how he wakes up smiling instead of screaming. i love his bald head and his chubby, chubby cheeks...i love how social he is and how he's freindly with everyone and instead of crying when new people hold him, he looks at them with wonder and interest. i love that he is mine.

  • There is so much that I love about DD. Only three is hard,

    1.) I love that she is a happy girl and is social. She smiles at everyone and has no stranger adversion (yet.) But the look and smile she gives her dada will never been comparable.

    2.) She is very playful and loves to "sing"

    3.) Her innocence. She doesn't judge anyone, it's refreshing that we are all equal in her eyes.

    4.) Her curiousity and trouble shooting problems. It's amazing to see how her brain works and when something doesn't work as planned she will try other ways.

    5.) Her strength and determination. ( I know she is only 6 months, but it's there.)

    oh...and...6.) She loves her mama..


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  • I saw that episode too and it made my heart break. I just think they are so caught up in being "right and winning" that they have lost sight of each other.

    To be fair, one time DH and I were upset with each other and DS#1 asked what we like about each other and it totally made me pause. All I could think of was how mad I was and I didn't want to "give in" and say something nice. But it made me realize how petty I was being and I thanked him for asking that.

    DS#1 he's so smart, very loving and caring, and is hilarious

    DS#2 melts my heart when he caresses my face, always has a smile, and he's such a good sleeper 

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  • image izzourclue:

    1.  She's super alert (always has been) and always want's to be held face out so she can take everything in. 

    2.  Her smile is magic.  Her pout is even better.

    3.  She looks into my eyes more deeply than anyone else ever has.  Its disarming and heart melting and forces me to connect deeper than I ever thought possible.

     All 3 of these exactly for my DS!  Couldn't have said it better if I tried. :)

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  • I love how he "cuddles" when I'm holding him in my arms, and falls quickly to sleep...

    I love his smile, the fact that he understands when I'm taking a picture or video of him, I can show it to him and we can discuss it... it is so adorable to see him so concentrated watching the video on my cellphone, then coo and smile... He is so smart!

    I love how he stretches, It's like, he is enjoying his time out of the womb, stretching and throwing his arms up...

    I love how he stares at things, like the TV, or his musical mobile and smiles at it, he really seems to be having fun just by watching those ducks go round and round, and he loves music.

    I love how we can go out to the store, pharmacy, or doctor, and he is always a good boy, I love that when we are at the doctor, he cooperates with the check ups... and never gets frustrated or angry... 

    I love it when he talks back to me, and smiles at me when I get home from work. How he smiles at dad, and knows its him just by hearing the sound of daddy's voice.

    I love it that he loves the toys I buy him. I love it when we can spend time together, even if I have things to do on saturdays, I love spending time with him cuddlilng and kissing him...


    Haaa I could go on and on, I am truly in love with my LO....  


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  • He is super alert and attentive (to what he wants to pay attention to).

    He is hitting milestones well enough to where I dont even have to go look for stuff or worry about any of it.

    He is very social and will let a lot of different people hold him without whining, especially the ladies.

    He loves our furbabies.

    He is very active wanting to jump around and bounce and crawl all the time.


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  • Only 3?  Her smile is infectious and turns even the worst mood around.  She is so excited about everything she sees, touches, hears.  I absolutely love her fascination with her feet and toes, hilarious!  Overall, I love every aspect of her, even when she is being a handful.
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  • 1. The way my little lady smiles at me first thing in the morning even if I have to wake her up. 

    2. The way she sleeps. With her arms up and legs out. I could watch her for hours.

    3. The way she "talks" to both my husband and I. Although her squacks and squeals sometimes hurt my ears, it's such a wonderful sound.

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  • 1. Her smile. After 3 months of colic, her smile and now happy personality makes me forget that first 3 months.

    2. Her snuggles. She's so sweet and loves to just snuggle up to me at the end of the day. 

    3. She's so strong! I swear she's going to be an early walker. 


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  • I love....that she laughs at everything and makes me think I'm the worlds best comedian. I she already knows exactly what she wants and is determined to get it. I love....that she only wants me to hold her, sucks at times because its hard to get things done but it melts my heart.
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  • He's such a smiley little guy and  is so much fun to play with. He's very alert and focuses very intently on our faces and books we read to him. He sleeps the best on me : ) (where he is right now).

     I do just want to say that we had EI at our house for the first time yesterday to evaluate ds and they asked me that question (strengths/weaknesses). I also was caught off guard a little just because with EI you feel kind of like you are being judged by your answer (even if not true). There's SO MUCH I love about ds, but I wasn't sure if there was something specific they were looking for, if that makes sense.


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  • That's so sad! 

    I love how easy going and even tempered Connor is. He's also super silly and always gets this little glint in his eye. It's so cute! I love his eyes because they're so expressive and he got them from me (DH has brown eyes, DS has piercing blue eyes). I love his little laugh and squeals. I love how he makes our family/home feel so "whole". I love his little habits when he nurses.  

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    I'll love you forever,
    I'll like you for always,
    As long as I'm living my baby you'll be.
    - Robert Munsch
  • She makes me smile when the rest of my world seems to be falling down, she smiles at me when I am at my worst, and she is a happy healthy baby :)

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  • I love how goofy she is (just like her mama!), how she smiles all the time and that she is such a happy baby.
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  • DD:

    1) I love the way she lights up when DS comes in the room, they already have a great friendship.

    2) I love the way she smiles when she sees me.

    3) She laughs at the smallest things.


    1) The way he is with his sister when we're not watching, it's so cute and shows his true character.

    2) How he wants to know everything, so inquisitive.

    3) He remembers the smallest details from months & even a year ago, his memory is amazing.  

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  • 1. she's got a great smile

    2. she has the greatest cuddles

    3. she is really good at helping me feel better when I'm having a hard time 

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