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Karo Syrup

Has anyone used Karo Syrup mixed with water to get their LO to poop?  I called the pedi this morning and the suggested trying that.  Anyone have any experience with it.  Just wondering if it will actually work.  Poor little girl is in so much discomfort and I'm already giving her gas drops at every feeding:(
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Re: Karo Syrup

  • My mom used to give this to us when we were babies but I don't know from what age.

    Corn syrup definately gives you the runs.  Everytime my family visits the US we have this problem because coke in the US is made with corn syrup whereas in Canada they use sugar.

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  • I used it and it cleaned my LO out. I've heard since then that a little fruit juice mixed with water is better at keeping them regular, but that info came from my father so use at your own risk. 
  • Did you use dark or light?
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    Just starting my IF journey for #2.
  • Our pedi recommeded it for LO. We add 1tsp to 1 bottle of breastmilk every day. He was only pooping like every 7-10 days. He never seemed in any discomfort but we do it anyways. It has helped a little, but not much. Dr. said it is supposed to make them regular. Had a visit with the pedi yesterday and after telling her we had been doing it, and it wasnt helping much...she told us to go ahead and give like 1 1/2 ounces of apple or prune juice diluted with water and that will get them going quickly if they seem in any discomfort.

    I would try to karo syrup (and our pedi said to do dark karo) and if that helps great! If not i would try to juice...and that should be instant relief for her.


  • My pedi said to give 1 teaspoon of Dark Karo for an ounce of water if it has been 36 hours since DD pooped. It worked great for us. She loved the tasted and pooped within 24 hours. It also seems to comfort her a little. He did blow out her diaper both times we used it, but I don't know if that was because of the Karo, or because she was so backed up. But to me, a messy diaper is totally worth it because it made her feel so much better.
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  • Thank you thank you.  It's been at least since Monday...but I'm pretty sure it's more like Saturday or Sunday since her last poop.  She is SO gassy and so uncomfy all the time the past few days.  I just want to make her feel more comfortable:(
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    Just starting my IF journey for #2.
  • We tried the Dark Karo Syrup and Prune Juice and it did not work. We ended up having to go with Apple Juice.

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