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Going for my 19th week appt!

For some reason I am a little nervous. I am not sure why except the everyone keeps saying oh this is a BIG appointment.

Re: Going for my 19th week appt!

  • It's definitely exciting but I'd say be a little weary if they tell you the sex so soon. They say starting at week 18 they can tell you the sex, however, most people I know got false readings this early. Most obgyn's don't even like to schedule ultrasounds until you're about 22 weeks so there is less room for error. A few of my friends were told they were having girls and then a few weeks later, ultrasounds revealed they were actually having boys! You could get lucky and get a correct reading though, so it all depends on the angle your baby is at and how developed the genitals are. Either way, good luck and congrats!
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