2nd Trimester

Finding Out The Sex

I'm new to all this an a first time mother.

I was every bit of exicted when my doctor told me last month that the next appt. we can find out the sex, I ask no questions and now that it's 6 day's away everythings crossing my mind.

Am I suppose to eat that morning? Should I drink water or not drink anything, is it better to have a full bladder or not? ahhhh!!!! Help please I feel like I know nothing.

Re: Finding Out The Sex

  • if it's a 20 wk anatomy scan, then it's best if the baby is hyper and moving--they need to get a lot of measurements, so don't drink a lot of sugary drinks, eat a lot of candy, etc--if they wanted a full bladder, they would've specified, but it never hurts to have one. Well, it's really uncomfortable for you, but you know what I mean :) If you are still unsure, just give your dr's office a quick call.
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  • image taralp25:
    If you are referring to the Anatomy Scan, I didn't have to do anything for mine.  I would call your Dr's office though, all offices are different.  Some require you to have a full bladder, some do not.  You can eat normally though, I know that for sure.


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  • Of course, as pp said, it's more important to get all the measurements done if this is your anatomy scan. However, if baby is asleep it can be difficult to find out the sex because the tech might not be able to get a peek between the legs. I had two anatomy scans because they couldn't get all the measurements on the first one, and they couldn't find out the sex either. I was told (not by my dr., by bumpies) to eat a good meal an hour before the u/s and drink some OJ about 30 minutes before to get baby active. I'm not sure if that's what did it but it worked - the tech was able to get everything she needed and baby was moving around enough for the tech to determine it was a boy! HTH
  • It is better to have a full bladder, but it's not required or anything. I had one at my 12 week ultrasound (only because I thought they were going to give me a urine test) and the ultrasound tech said it's a good thing. She was definitely right because out of all other sonograms I have seen, mine was the most clear and detailed!
    I'm having my next one in 2 weeks (I'll be 22 wks then) and I plan on doing the same. I don't think you should avoid eating or drinking for your baby's sake. Just do everything like it's a normal day, you'll be fine!! Congrats!!

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  • I had to drink 60 oz of water or some ridiculous amount to have my anatomy scan. I was in a lot of pain from having a full bladder I couldn't empty. If I were you, I would give your clinic a call to ask about their rules for this. If you're lucky, you won't have to drink a ton of water. ;)
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