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Finally gave in...

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  • enjoy them! :) They are soo comfy!
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  • Haha! Welcome to the club. Might I recommend the cargo pants from Motherhood Maternity. They are comfortable, cute, and can roll up when it gets warmer.
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  • They really are comfy! I like them so far. I got my pants from motherhood maternity, Ill have to look for the cargo pants next time I go look for shorts. 
  • Um, I joined that club a few weeks ago.
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  • I just took that leap this week, too. It's not fun looking for maternity clothes, especially when you see all the cute summer clothes for the skinny girls haha. Lucky for us maternity clothes have come A LOOOONG way over the years :)
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  • you made it longer then me!! I don't have a big bump, but big enough to make my pants too tight to be comfortable! i tried wearing a size or two bigger in some clothes that I had from before I lost weight. They looked sloppy and messy because the rest of me is small, just the tummy is bigger. Maternity pants are much more flattering. And comfy!!


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  • You're a stronger woman than me. I've been in them for weeks. Of course, I look like I'm 6 mos pg. :)
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  • claarclaar
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     I am currently wearing a friend's hand-me-downs!  Don't know what my hang up is, but it is definitely time to get some of my very own.
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  • I purchased my first bit of Mat clothes around 21 wks. I've only worn 1 of the jeans i bought, and a pair of leggings. I can still wear some of my regular jeans, but i wear the tummy sleeve from Motherhood. What a great invention!! You should try it out...it's an excuse to have your jeans open all the time and NO ONE knows ;-) hahaha
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