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Hello ladies!

  I am still far out from having my shower...but I like to plan ahead!  My mom and Bestie will be hosting my shower, however my mother's home really isn't big enough and bestie recently moved back in with her parents.  Is it tacky to have the shower at my home, but still hosted by them?  It just makes more sense with us having the space for it.  Also how do you feel about co-ed showers?  I was thinking something a little more family style and a little less "let me terrify you with all of my labor stories" :)  


Thanks Ladies!

Re: baby shower

  • Personally, I think that if it's convenient for you and the hostesses, then your home would be fine. And my mother has been discussing her plans for a shower for me as well. It's pretty much going to be a co-ed BBQ/pot luck with the whole (Italian/Czech) family.
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  • totally fine! Enjoy yourself :)

    I have never been to a coed shower, but I have lots of friends who have. I think that is totally fine if it makes you happy!

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  • I've been to a couple of showers that were at the home of the honoree and at least one co-ed. It's totally fine and the co-ed piece can be really fun if you find some games that can incorporate both partners.
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  • I'm having my shower at my place...it's easiest and my house works best for the amount of people. I held my wedding shower at my place as well.  It just works better
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  • My shower was supposed to be co-ed/bbq style. Unfortunately, not very many men were invited & they all bailed to go shopping at Gander Mountain haha so it ended up being a traditional shower. 

    In the end, no matter where it is or the style of the party, you'll be happy. You'll get the things you need for baby and get to spend time with good friends and family and will get to enjoy some good food. That's all that really matters! 


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  • Nope, having it at your place makes it convenient for you and transporting the goods.  I'm not a fan of coed showers, but only b/c the ones I've been too have been overcrowded and felt less girly.
  • Fine to have it at your house IMO as long as you aren't hosting it - which you aren't.

    I personally am not a fan of co-ed showers b/c I don't think any men I know would want to go, outside of my Dad who is deceased...my H would but only if I requested it & it was OUR shower...for that matter, he is looking into going to a SF Giants game w/ family/friends during the shower his aunt is throwing for me! 

    But you know your own group of family & friends & I'd use them as a guide!

  • We are in the planning stages now too, and I have pretty much decided that it will be at my house, but hosted by my Mom and sister. Like the PP, my house fits more people better and our guests are from all over, so there is no good "central" location. As far as co/eds go, I have only been to one, and it seemed more like a informal get together than a shower...so I guess it depends on what type of feeling you want with your party! Good luck!
  • My mom and sister are hosting the shower, but it will be at my house.  My house has a nice setup for a party and it will be great not having to lug all the stuff around.  

    As for coed, I don't really have an opinion, but figure most men wouldn't be all that interested in attending.   I told my husband that I won't kick him out of the house so he's welcome to stay, but he can also go find something else to do during the shower. 

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  • LCassLCass
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    I don't see any issue with having it at your place since it's the best option.

    Personally, I like the idea of a co-ed shower (never having actually been to either kind).  If someone offers to host one for me, I plan on voicing this as a preference.  My friends from high school are a "group" and one of my best friends is a guy.  He was really hurt that I had a bachelorette party and not something co-ed, so I wanted to keep that in mind this time around.

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