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She is here!

Hi ladies!  Julia has finally decided to join us here in the outside world!  My birth story in a nut shell.  On Saturday night my FI and I were just settling down to watch a movie before heading to bed.  I had to go to the bathroom (as usual),  I peed, wiped and saw bright red blood on the tissue and in the toilet.  We had the on call doctor paged,  he sent us o the emergency room.  I arrived there at 10 PM,  I was having very inonsistent contractions, I didnt have any pain.  I was monitored for a while and then my BP went through the roof.  The doctor was questioning a placental abruption.  At 3AM I was admitted to L&D and the doctor started pitocin.  I was having steady contractions for a while and at 6AM I asked for an epidural. Shortly after the doctor broke my water.  @ noon time I started having some very painfull contractions and felt the urge to push.  the Anesthesiologist came in and gave me more meds the doctor checked me and saw that I had gone from 3cm to 9cm in the last hour.  They got me comfortable.  @ 2:00 the babies heart rate declined significantly.  The doctor came in and said it was time to push.  I was so nervous b/c I had not slept since Friday night and had been up since 4 on Sat.  My Mom and FI held my legs I pushed 9 times, and then heard the most beautiful cries in the world.  I had a beautiful, healthy baby girl.  She weighs 5lbs 14oz and is 20.5 inches long.  We are so happy that she is finally here. 
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