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ok I need advice on feeding my 8 1/2 month old

what do you feed you 8 month old? I think Im being over protective with my LO, he eats all baby food and formula...we just started him on some juice or those puffers snacks..and he also just had a few noodles..should he be eating more adult food? if so how do I know whats safe? can he eat eggs and pancakes? please help with any info you have...TIA
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Re: ok I need advice on feeding my 8 1/2 month old

  • My LO is only 7 months old and I give him table food.  He gets formula and baby food too, but when I'm eating I share tiny bites with him.  I don't think babies are supposed to have eggs until they are a year old.  I feed him chicken, noodles, vegetables, bread and pretty much anything I'm eating as long as it's not spicy.  I would think pancakes are fine.  My LO loves table food!  And he knows what it is when he sees me eating, he starts grunting and whining for me to feed him!
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  • He shouldn't necessarily "definitely" be eating adult food, but it's definitely something you can do if you want.

    We tend to give Isaac some pureed stuff and include some adult food when we feed him. Last night he got butternut squash & applesauce with some edamame (no idea how to spell that) on the side.

    He got gingerbread pancakes the other weekend and LOVED it (no syrup). I agree that I've heard eggs are a no go until 1, but Isaac gets pasta noodles, blueberries, carrots (steamed), rolls, peaches, green beans and pretty much anything else we're eating that's safe for him. We haven't done much meat yet. 

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  • we just found the new Sprout Organic Advanced meals, they are perfect for our 8 month old! they have a nice texture, so much variety (made by Tyler florence), and amazing flavor. we take them everywhere.
  • We give purees plus a little finger food like tiny chunks of cheese, soft tofu, banana, pears, puffs, wheat bread, pasta, etc. My LO loves to pick the pieces up and put them in his mouth... he's so proud of himself when he does it :) This is just recent, like maybe within the past 2 weeks that he can do that.
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