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Formula to long did the transition take?

Jumping over from 9-12m board to ask you how long it generally takes to transition from formula to milk?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Formula to long did the transition take?

  • It took us no time. We just switched to milk and DS didn't even notice.
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  • DD didn't care one bit.
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  • We did it gradually over a week or 2. I mixed milk in with the formula at first, then started to increase the amounts when I saw that DD tolerated it. It took us a while to find the right milk for her, but once we did she was fine.
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  • It's going to depend on your child. We switched over slowly just because I wanted to use up the last can of formula but the dr really wanted her on whole milk ASAP - still not sure why. So it was about 2 weeks of half - half or 3/4 - 1/4 in her bottles, and straight whole milk in her sippies. We could have switched cold turkey and DD wouldn't have even blinked.
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  • It didn't take us any time.  we switched and she didn't care.  Now, once I'd switched her I was out of milk and tried to give her some formula and she was like Hell No
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  • Two weeks before DD's first birthday, we did half formula-half whole milk, the following week we did 3 parts whole milk-1 part formula. We completely switched to whole milk on her birthday and she's been taking it fine. She's actually been drinking more whole milk than she was with formula.
  • We took about 5-7days to switch DS over.  We did the transition that most of the others mention - mostly formula w/ a little milke, then half and half, then mostly milk w/ a little formula before going straight to milk.  DS barely noticed the switch but we had formula to use up so we slowly transitioned it because of that and to try to avoid constipation issues as DS is prone to constipation.
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  • Awesome! Thank you.

    DD has about 2 1/2 montly left before switching over to milk. I have 19 cans of formula so I guess I will be selling some of it on Ebay. LOL

  • We did the switch in less than a week.  The first day we started with 1/4 milk to 3/4 formula.  Over the next two or three days we increased the cows milk and decreased the formula.  I think by day 4 we were just on cows milk in both his bottle and sippy cup.

    He is not yet a fan of COLD milk, so we take a little of the chill off first.  We've been gradually making it colder to get him used to it.  That is taking longer than the transition from formula to milk.

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  • It took about 2 weeks for us since G refused straight milk intitially. We started with 2oz milk, 6oz of formula and changed by intervals of 2 oz over 2 weeks until he was on straight milk.
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  • My daughter has been on soy formula due to the regular running right through her when she was 2 weeks old.  She just had her 1 year appt. and we discussed how to transition her onto milk. She is having me do one ounce at a time to get her system used to it and she should be on it in 2 weeks or so depending on how she handles it. She's on 2oz milk and 4oz formula right now and ok so far, but I think I'm taking my time with it. Every baby is different! I know plenty of people who switched them right over and were totally fine! It's your and your doctors preference...good luck!
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