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Have you heard of this, re: daycare summer camp?

DS is 15 months and is in a great daycare.  I found out today that all kids older than infants are required to enroll in summer camp.  This costs additional money.  Apparently the older kids go to off-site locations and the younger kids have people come in.  I guess this means they do activities and stuff and all children must sign up for this. 

I am a little surprised about this and that I'm going to have to pay additional money for my 15 month old to have visitors come to his class during the summer.  (I don't know how much yet - the extent of what I know is that the newsletter said is if you don't sign up for this camp by the end of the month and pay your money, they are assuming you're not enrolling your child for the summer.)  Is this a common thing that I had never heard of? 

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Re: Have you heard of this, re: daycare summer camp?

  • I've never heard of that. Please post an update when you find out more. It sounds like a school curriculum than a daycare. Is this not mentioned in their contract at all?
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  • Nope. Both daycares that we've used has offered a summer camp for school-aged children (who don't normally need daycare since they're in school when their parents are working), but it has no effect on those who aren't school aged - it's kind of assumed that they'll be there in the summer.
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  • That sounds a bit odd. The daycare DD goes to has a summer camp program, but it's not required.
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  • Our daycare has summer camp that you have to register for except for the infant room. It includes additional people coming in, buying supplies for water days, t-shirts, different snack activities, etc.
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  • Is this a separate program maybe vs. something "included" that you "have" to do?  Maybe it's optional to enroll in this in addition to your regular DC?  I would look at your contract and discuss with the director.  How much more is it?
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  • Our center does this, and it is well worth it to me.  The fee varies by age and changes every year, but it seems to average about $50 total for the season. It covers additional programming from the end of May to beginning of September.

    Similar to your center, older kids go places (museums, sporting events, swimming, etc.)

    For the younger kids, they bring in bounce houses, petting zoos, magicians, and all sorts of enrichment visitors.  They have a visitor every week that school is out, and at least one 'special activity' every week.

    The kids have a blast, and I like knowing that DD gets to do some of the traditional summer activities (especially as she grows older) that I won't necessarily be able to do with her because I'm working.

  • We have "summer camp," too, but it was ever mentioned that it was required.  It's only $35 for infants/toddlers, and it covers water play days, visitors like magicians and such, and other special events.
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  • I've heard of summer camp for older kids (like 3 and up) that cost extra and you have to enroll, but never for toddlers. Interesting. If it's what the PP talk about with bounce houses and stuff I think it would be fun and well worth it but I would be annoyed that it wasn't made clear when I enrolled.
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  • Our daycare does this for preschool and up. We pay $30 for t-shirts and field trips. Toddler/Two's, Babies and Infants do not have this.
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  • Yes - our daycare/preschool does this. In the infant room there was no charge, in the toddler room we paid an activity fee (maybe 35 for the summer) that covered all the entertainers and activities for the summer (Carnival, weekly JumpBunch, splash days 2x a week, Magicians, etc). This year in the 2s room we pay an activity fee plus registration fee. I do think they are nickel and diming us a bit with the bogus registration fee.
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  • Our daycare does this as well and although it annoys me, I pay it.  When DD was in the toddler room I just assumed it was optional.  The fee was about $150 and included jump houses, a visit from a fun bus, guest book readers, etc.  I was pretty upset when I learned it was not optional and I didn't feel that she got much value out of it.  Now she's 3.5 and the fee is $165.  There's only one jump  house and one water slide, but they have a special theme every week and activities to go along with it.  I still don't really feel that it's worth it - they have a theme ever 2 weeks now and special activities that go with it.  But, it's required and I otherwise like the daycare so I just suck it up.  We also pay a registration fee in the fall, which I think is ridiculous, particularly for non-school aged kids.
  • Okay, I got an answer.  It is $55 for the toddlers up to $200 for the pre-k and K.  I guess the point is to do special activities through the summer, like have a puppet show, play in a pool outside, etc for the toddlers. I do think it's bogus that they are basically increasing our rates for the summer and trying to disguise it as "summer camp" even though it's completely mandatory, but I won't complain for $55, since I otherwise am very happy with this daycare. And of course it'll be fun for him to do different activities. 
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  • They do have field trips on and off site at our daycare/preschool all year long, but more often in the summer.  I really liked it when my kids were older b/c they got bored during the summer.  As long as it's not extravagent, I would do it. 
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  • FloF9FloF9 member
    Our daycare does this because they also provide VPK (Voluntary pre kindergarten which goes by the school schedule).  The older kids in VPK aren't paying the entire year as normal daycare kids would, so summer is additional since normally they would be "off" from school.
  • Yes, in my opinion this is common at lots of daycare centers.  Part scam/part really trying to have more activities.  We pay an extra 170 on top of tuition for our camp.

  • Yeah our center charges $200 for toddlers - 4 years, and then it jumps to $375 for pre-K and school-age, because they go on field trips to museums, the zoo, etc.  Absolutely mandatory and rather annoying...
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