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Moving DS out of our room?

So I embarassingly admit that my son is 13 1/2 months and still sleeping (since birth) in his (hard) playpen next to our bed.  He has a comfortable crib in his room that he never sleeps in.  We've used every excuse to keep him with us but our last one (installation of security system) just expired.  Now, I'm finally ready to transition to crib and his room but DH wants us to move the HUGE crib into our room and let him sleep with us until summer. I think it's time for him to sleep in his own room and get used to it but will miss him dearly.  What do you guys think?  Any others still have theirs in the room with them? 

P.S.  He's also never slept away from us and I'm trying to prep him for that too so DH and I get away for a night or two.

Re: Moving DS out of our room?

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  • dd was 9-10 months when we moved her from her bassinet next to our bed to her crib in her room across the hall. she could sit up in the bassinet and the last thing i wanted was for her to fall out.

    after a few rough nights, she got used to it .... at 20 months, she rejected her crib for her big girl bed aka the queen sized bed in her room (it was a hybrid guest/dd room).


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  • I think it can go either way. If you aren't ready then don't move your LO. You could, alternately, try slowly moving the PnP farther from your bed until it eventually is at your door and then move LO to his room. But really - do what works for your family.

    FWIW, S still sleeps with us - in our bed - about 85% of the time. 

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  • my first born was 9 months (ish) when we got her into her own room.     how is your LO sleeping?  if good, then sooner is probably better to get the transition going.  I'd either start w/ naps in his crib or your DH's idea is great too.
  • Our DD will be 16 months tomorrow and she is still sleeping in her crib next to our bed.  We did bedshare until she was about 12 months old.  I plan on transitioning her to her own room this summer while I am on vacation (school teacher).  Whether I transition in her crib or into her big girl bed in her own room I haven't really decided yet. 

    To answer the question about DH and I have sex in the spare bedroom after she is asleep for the night in our bedroom or in our own room if DD is napping in the living room.  :) 

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  • Thanks for the advice!  I feel a bit better knowing some of you waited a while before moving, too.  I think I'm going to go ahead and tackle it since I have 2 weeks off for spring break and see how it goes. Oh, and DH and I get creative and find me.  In fact, we're hoping for #2 sometime soon!

  • Move him! You will sleep better and so will he. The longer you wait the harder it will get. We moved DS out at 8 weeks (however his room is right next to ours so it's not so bad). As soon as we moved him we all slept better.
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  • America is the only country that pushes a toddler to grow up too fast, when you and your husband are ready to start transitioning him to his own bed, thats the time. No need to rush and there is no harm done.

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