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Anyone else not getting internals until 40 weeks?

I had my 38 week appt today. I last saw the Dr. at 36 weeks for my Group B Strep Test (Negative-yea!) . At that appt he said he would do the first internal today. I got there-he said that he's been doing this for 35 years and the baby hasn't moved into position yet so there was no need for one. He's going on vacation next week and sees no reason to see me again until I'm 39 weeks 6 days. He prepared me to go to 42 weeks today. He thinks this baby will be at least a week late.

Re: Anyone else not getting internals until 40 weeks?

  • I'll only be getting one pre-labour. It will probably be at 38 weeks, but honestly, I would have no problem putting it off if it seems like there's no reason to do it. Internals don't really do anything useful.
  • I'm okay with it. I was just preparing myself for it for the last 2 weeks.  I think if I knew I wasn't making any progress it would stress me out and if i knew I was walking around at 2 cm dilated for 4 weeks like my sister it would also make me a little nutty.
  • Not to mention they are uncomfortable and can be emotionally debilitating.
    I don't like going every week (Dr. does them once a week after 36 weeks) only to find out there's no change and sends me back to bed rest for another week...
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    I'll only be getting one pre-labour. It will probably be at 38 weeks, but honestly, I would have no problem putting it off if it seems like there's no reason to do it. Internals don't really do anything useful.

    My Dr. doesn't do them until 40 weeks, but if he offered I would refuse.

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  • My MW does one at 36 weeks and then not again until 40 or unless requested.  I was curious last week (38) so I asked and they did one for me.  I probably won't ask for one tomorrow at my 39 weeker.  I haven't found them to be painful at all if that helps.
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  • I will accept an internet at 41 weeks, if baby comes before then my first internal will be when I'm in labor.
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  • My doc says she starts them at 36 weeks.  Appointments are every week starting then so I don't know if they will be a weekly thing until delivery. 
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  • I think my MW offered at 38 weeks and I declined. I had one on my due date and about flew off the table. Wow...had no idea it would be that uncomfortable. Will be declining again until 40 weeks.
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  • I had one at 32 weeks because I suspected thinks were progressing too early, and my doctor found that I was almost completely effaced, so now I'm having them every week or so to check if I'm starting to dilate.  If this hadn't happened, I would be okay with not getting them until much later on, especially if my doctor felt that I would be late.
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  • I got a surprise internal at 36 weeks right after by GBS test. I go every week now and will be declining any additional internal checks until 40+ weeks....at this point, I don't really see the purpose of them.


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  • My OB doesn't do internals at all. They don't mean anything about when you'll go into labour. DS1 was 6 days late and I liked not overanalyzing symptoms. With DS2, I had to see another OB from 37-39 weeks (3 appointments) while mine was on holidays and she did one the first two appointments and was talking induction and how I wasn't progressing at all and risk factors and worst case scenario etc etc, and I ended up refusing an internal at 39 weeks because she was stressing me out. DS2 was 6 days late, exactly the same as DS1. I'm so glad that my OB doesn't do them, because the waiting game was so much better without them.

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  • I'm not having one until I'm in labor or overdue and thinking about induction.
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  • i had one at (i think) 37 weeks, but it was to check the babys position cause she couldnt tell from my belly (idk y) i dont think i want another one till i go into labor i was a little bummed to hear that i am elongated n closed n no where close to going haha, im 39 weeks today so who knows if anything has changed by now
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