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Vent: Post-date 4th-timer... REALLY???

I'm a 4th-time mom. LO has been "dropped" for weeks, and I was due yesterday. UGH. Yeah, "dropped" doesn't mean much at all. My midwife keeps acting all surprised that I haven't delivered yet. Tongue Tied I would LOVE for the new moon/storm systems/due date thing to stinkin' kick in already! For all your sakes, I hope your LO's aren't stubborn. Smile My older kids are soooo excited to meet their baby brother that it's heartbreaking to tell them every morning that little brother decided to wait one more night... DH's pretty down-in-the-mouth that our LO isn't here yet, too. He's so adorable--he wants to meet LO, too! He's one of those daddies that have a hard time "connecting" with LO before their born, but it's love at first sight when they finally emerge. Big Smile Have I mentioned that we're both super-planner-types and don't play waiting games very well??? *sigh* Our hospital bag has been packed for a month and in the car for a couple of weeks, already. If you have spare labor dust, could you send me some? Thanks. Smile

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Re: Vent: Post-date 4th-timer... REALLY???

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