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For those who've had membranes stripped

If I understand correctly, stripping membranes is one method of inducing contractions... did it work for you & how soon after the procedure did you begin to feel contractions?  BTDT moms - did the contractions lead to labor or did they subside?

My dr. tried this today and I was just wondering what I can expect from it?


Re: For those who've had membranes stripped

  • I had it done twice with ds#1. Never gave me contractions, never sent me into labor. I think if something were to happen it would be fairly soon after the procedure, I'm not sure though. GL!
  • I had it done on Wednesday. I was really crampy and had contractions throughout the day, but alas I am still pregnant. I am still contracting more than I was so I am hoping it is at least doing something, but no labor yet for me.
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  • All stripping the membranes did for me w/ DS1 was cause momentary discomfort and cramping, but I was still pregnant 2 weeks later.

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  • Mine were swept/stripped Thursday morning (I was already 3 cm). I've been having bloody show (sorry for TMI) since then (48 hrs+ now), so I believe I'm still dilating. The contractions haven't stuck around, even though we've had some time-able sets. Today is my due date, and tomorrow's the new moon, and we're having storms this afternoon/evening and all we need is for the contractions to stick around long enough to get it done. Stick out tongue I'll be announcing his birth on here within days of his arrival. Wink
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    I had my membranes striped with dd # 1 & 2 and went into labor 2 days later. If they weren't ready then they definitely wouldn't have come when they did. I did walk a lot afterwards in the mall. By the 2nd day I had steady contractions throughout the day that got closer together by night. GL.

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