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baby shower 4 #2?

If this is not your first pregnancy will you have another shower? what if it's the same sex as your first? I'm thinking I'd want a small get together celebration but no gifts unless diapers. then just food family and friends.....in that order. :o)
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Re: baby shower 4 #2?

  • Yes we will be having another baby shower. My Mothers side of the family has always thrown showers for each child no matter the sex.
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  • This is my 2nd as well and if it's a boy (we have a dd) and someone wants to throw me a shower i'm not going to refuse it. lol. But either way...girl or boy shower or no shower, we're planning to do a "meet the baby party at our house a few weeks after baby is born. We'll invite friends and family and probably just do a casual little lunch thing or something. Again, if people bring gifts im not going to refuse them but i do plan to put "no gifts" on the invites.
  • No, I will not be having one for #2.
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  • If someone offers, then I will probably have to accept it. I don't really want another one though. I think we will have just about everything except diapers and clothes if it is a different gender.
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  • Nope.  Around here showers are generally reserved for the first baby only. 
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  • yes! DS was born the week before my shower, so the majority of my friends didn't get to celebrate him with me. :(

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  • I imagine that my MIL will have one thrown for me like last time. If not, then we'd have a get-together with a dinner like the one you described.
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  • Nope no showers for 2, 3, or 4.
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  • I think it really depends on what is traditionally done in your family and circle of friends.  In my life, a second baby shower is usually a co-ed, casual thing, with no gifts expected.  One friend of mine had a "shower" like this, and everyone brought gifts because her girls were eight years apart, and everyone was really excited for their new addition.

    I think people (like a lot of women on the baby showers board...) sometimes go a little overboard in their snobbery, calling almost every second baby shower "tacky."

    Like others said, if someone wants to throw you one, be a good sport.

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  • I did not have a shower for #2 even though they were 7.5 yrs apart.  I just did not want one and will not have one for this LO either.  I don't have anything against it I just do not like to be the middle of all the fuss. 
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  • Yes and this will be my 3rd. All of my family and friends believe in celebrating each baby :)
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  • i am planning on having one for my #2, it has been 4 years since my last one so we dont really have any of her old clothes ect. plus, i just like the get together of family and friends, and it makes for a great scrapbook page :)
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  • Here it is traditional to have a shower for each baby after the baby comes - so you are truly showering the baby with gifts - even though mom and dad get to open them, they are normally thrown about 2 wks after baby is born so everyone can meet the baby.
  • No, and is on my list of reasons not to find out the sex this time.  I know some sneaky friend of mine will try to throw a surprise shower, but no one will know what to get Big Smile
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  • If it is a boy, I have a DD, then yes we will have a full shower. If it is another girl it will probably be a "sprinkle" where all the girls get together to eat and mostly just bring diapers. 
  • While I used to be in the camp of "every baby deserves a party" and probably still am, I would be mortified if someone threw a shower, especially if this baby is a girl.
  • If #2 is a girl, I would probably be mortified if my family back north threw another shower (nor would it be welcome, I have no plans on going up there, especially since last time MIL called everyone that morning and told them not to come because there was a chance of snow - only my side showed).

    If my friends down here threw one, that would be nice, since they didn't go to my first obviously.
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  • I'd be okay with a sprinkle if it's a boy since we have a girl. If it's another girl then no likely. Of course if someone offers then maybe. But we have all the baby gear we could possibly need!
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  • I can tell you that this is my second child, my first is 5 and a half (see siggy), weather this baby is a boy or girl I know that my BFF is throwing me a shower (she already told me). It has been almost 6 years.  I have passed down everything I had through those years to family and friends who really needed them. So now I have nothing.  And I know those same people will be there to help me.

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  • image coachswife3:
    Yes and this will be my 3rd. All of my family and friends believe in celebrating each baby
    Hmm, and the only way to do that is to have people throw you a shower and bring you more gifts?
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  • I think a celebration is more than appropriate. I think a second shower, however, is not...UNLESS there is A LOT of years in between number one and number two.

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  • I say no - mainly because I don't think my friends and family should be obligated to financially supplement our major life decisions.  I think a shower for baby #1 is more than appropriate.  But a shower for each baby seems excessive and like you want others to pay for your big ticket items.  For babies 2 and after, I like the idea of a sip-and-see, where mommy/daddy host host a party after the baby is born for everyone to meet the baby.  If people choose to bring gifts as part of the celebration, it is their choice.

  • I am used to going to sprinkles for 2nd babies. Which I think is just fine:) I love buying baby clothes & essentials. I'm having twins...but DH and I don't expect anything...we plan to buy everything ourselves.

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