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mixed feelings

right now I am creeping up on 38 weeks. my dr sent me for an ultrasound today to see baby's position because he was worried it was breech. if it was he wanted to do an c/s tonight (because he is on call at the hospital). Thankfully baby is head down and all is well (other than baby is guess-tamated to be 8 lbs right now, yowza). Obviously I want baby to come when it is ready, because that means it is the right time, but I have to admit I am a bit disappointed that I don't get to meet LO tonight.


On another note that makes me want to have the baby at least a little before my EDD - My FIL is dying of cancer, but they are trying to keep him going as long as possible with Chemo starting on the 14th. He's had 3 rounds of radiation already which did nothing, and it just keeps spreading. They've given him a year to a year and a half, but I doubt he will see christmas (judging by his pain now). I really want him to get as much joy as he can from this baby, and I think if he can meet baby before the chemo starts it would be better. I know only time will tell......  It was just one blessing I could see for having a c/s tonight.


I'm not looking for anything with this, just needed to say it out loud to people who aren't emotionally involved. 

Re: mixed feelings

  • Prayers for you and your family. While it's sad that you're LO may not know his/her grandfather personally, the LO will bring joy to an otherwise devastated family. Sending labor dust, prayers, and peace your direction.
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