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Bringing this up again...any advise?

I know I brought this up before, and a lot of you stated that you were/have been in the same boat.  I have been experiencing sharp pains in between my lower belly and groin area more so when I walk.  Now it seems as though its still the sharp pain along with some pressure.
My Dr. told me "welcome to the late stages of pregnancy" which I TOTALLY understand...I'm pregnant.  I don't like to complain at all so I just try to roll with it all.  However, for example today I was walking at work (I work in a hospital), and they pain just hit me!  I had to hold my stomach, stop, and bend over!  When the pain let up some I had to walk very slowly back to my office. 
Of course that brought a lot of attention...here I am a 9 month pregnant woman walking around in pain in the hospital bent over and walking slowly.  I tried to be as "normal" as possible, but what am I suppose do?!?! 
I'm about to see my doctor today about a swelling issue, so I will ask him about this AGAIN but I'm sure he will probably say the same thing.
What have you ladies done to help this issue, or is it just "it is what is..."

Re: Bringing this up again...any advise?

  • I also have to say welcome to the late stages of pregnancy. Your LO is most likely dropping down more and that is what is causing the pain. Sometimes when my LO moves a certain way I have to stop what I'm doing because it hurts so bad. I haven't found anything that helps it and with both of my pregnancies my OB has said that it sounds like normal late pregnancy symptoms.
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  • I had pains like that around 31 weeks. I went to my doctor and it turned out I was having contractions and dilated to 1.5. For me I had like a constant cramp really low on my right side, almost like the pain you get if you get a cramp in your side from running but lower, and then every 10-15 mins I would get a really sharp pain as well. A few of them made me stop what I was doing and just try to breath through it. I thought movement was making it better, but it was making it worse. If your doc doesn't take you seriously, this weekend, try laying on your left side for a couple of hours and see if it goes away. The pain I felt went away if I took it really easy.
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  • I have had stuff like this going on for about a week now.  My stomach is also really hard and crampy/sore.  It's super painful to get out of bed or roll over in bed.  I feel like there's a boulder in there!  Super uncomfortable.  I'm guessing this means baby's almost ready!  

    Oh, and a warm bath seems to really help! 

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  • Ugh. I know how that feels. My LO likes to do his aerobics at night, and it's impossible to sleep through. (I swear it feels like he's digging a new birth canal--through my abs.) My other 3 didn't do it this much, but they're all different (like we haven't heard THAT enough, lol). There's also the cartilage joint in the middle of the front pubic bone that gets all stretched out and loosey-goosey that, to me, feels like a giant bruise and like I'm going to fall apart just trying to walk around the house. I don't know what I'd do if I worked outside the home. For the joint, sometimes a heating pad (not too hot, obviously) helps. For the aerobics, sorry. I haven't figured that one out yet. Tongue Tied
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  • Well, I just came back from the Doc and he pretty much said the same thing.  LOL! 

    I told DH that I am going to mess around and have the baby at the house because I'm not going back to the Dr/hospital unless it's a scheduled appointment.  They will just send me home and say "suck it up"! I have no problem with it, but it just seems like walking bent over holding my belly up just didn't seem normal.

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