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Low iron even on iron supplements?

I was put on a Rx of iron at 16 weeks and yesterday at my appt (I will be 28 weeks tomorrow) my iron was still only 9.1 or 9.2. I don't know exactly what level is considered decent or really bad or what else to do. (And yes, I've followed their instructions and taken the pill with OJ and not at the same time as my prenatal, etc)Has anyone else had problems with low iron and at what point do they do more than give me supplements that apparently aren't helping much? I guess a better question is what else can they do?


Re: Low iron even on iron supplements?

  • i have the same problem. im going to talk to my dr about it on Monday. I have very low iron, and even with the supplements. I have been so low that i have had a serious problem with Pica, craving the oddest things. I believe the dr might tell you just to take more pills daily. this is what someone told me once anyways! Thanks for posting this!! Good luck!
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  • I also have low iron my Dr. Said to take the supplement it with vitamin C pill. Because your daily amount is not enough. If you don't you will just "poop it out". I take mine in the am with 500mg of vitamin C. She said not to go over 500. Hope that helps. And as far as the levels it depends on the altitude of where you live, it differs depending on high or low altitude. GL
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  • I have problems with Anemia also.  After my blood work they told me my iron was still too low.  So, my OB suggested taking a Flinstones with Iron along with my other vitamins.  It puts me at a good level without being overkill.  You may want to try it or ask your Dr.  It's worked for me and they don't make me sick like other Iron supplements do.  Plus, who doesn't LOVE Flinstones Vitamins. :)  
  • Talk to your doctor.. but essentially your hemoglobin level is what that number represents. 

    In order to really be out of danger in a blood loss situation, you'd want to be at least 10.7-11.0 (at least that's the limitation I've been told is typical in many surgery centers). So in other words, if you were to get into an accident or have a C section, with a hemoglobin count that low, you would be at risk for requiring a blood transfusion if you lost too much blood.

    That said, you may be having absorption issues or the prescription was just not high enough.

    Here's some information on low hemoglobin count and causes:




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  • I recently tried a different brand of iron pills because they weren't helping me. I feel better though I havent had a blood test to check if my levesl have increased.
  • I have had issues with very low iron - I  have Chrons disease which does not help matters..I had been taking iron supplements for what seemed like forever with very minimal improvement.  When I moved my new Dr. told me to start eating 4 meals a day with red meat- 3-6 oz per meal.  Thought that was odd but I tried it and for the first time my iron levels came up to where they should have been AND I actually stopped feeling so exhausted.  He said that not everyones body can process iron supplements the way that they are intended  - before trying the red meat meals he did suggest adding another vitamin to aid in absorption --- I think it was D but not positive since it has been a while.  
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