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low progesterone

Okay so today for my first Doctors app..... Which totally pooped on all my excited cause i feel as tho no questions were answer cause my doc had an Emergency and couldnt be there!! I though i was about 4 weeks and 2 days ago.... the NP had blood work done to see how high my HCG levels were to verify the 4 weeks {since i wasnt sure}

The Nurse called me back and said my HCG levels are higher than they would be if i was only 4 weeks and they thought either twins or 6 weeks sounds more like it!

BUT she said my i had low progesterone.... which i NEVER had with my other two pregnancies.... they are rechecking them in 2 days

Should i be worried?? and What does this mean for me and my baby?

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Re: low progesterone

  • I had low progesterone too but I did IVF.  I was first on vaginal inserts of progesterone then they converted me to shots in the booty once a night.  They said there is no real danger but that higher progesterone helps with early pregnancy.  I would ask your doctor if you need to be on a progesterone supplement.
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  • They'll probably put you on Prometrium (progesterone supplement) for 6 wks or so.  I've been taking it and my progesterone numbers doubled.  My levels went from 12 (before prometrium) to 25.8 (after).  I wasn't on it for my first pregnancy and honestly don't even remember if they checked that 5yrs ago.  I'd rather play it safe and take the supplement though.  I'd call your OB back up tomorrow.

    Good luck!

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  • I had low progesterone. They just had me take progesterone supplements. I took 200mg of prometrium vaginally. It really wasn't a big deal. I stay on them until I am about 12 weeks along.

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