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Chocololate Milk

When I was dropping off LO at DC today, DC lady told my LO that they were going to go eat breakfast and she had his chocolate milk in the fridge in his sippy cup.

We have never given him chocolate milk at home before and I really wished she would've asked us if it was ok to give it to him.

Have you ever given your LO chocolate milk?  He started Whole Milk in December when he turned 1.  Am I wrong to tell her to restrict his chocolate milk intake?

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Re: Chocololate Milk

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    Maybe ask her if he's had it before?  Or his reaction to it?  I used to give my twins (age 1-2) chocolate milk(whole milk version) maybe once a week as a "treat".  I told the pedi about it and she said it was fine.

  • I would not be cool with the daycare giving him chocolate milk, I'm pretty picky about what he eats... (organic, low sugar, etc). They should DEFINITELY at least ask before doing that! That being said I have given him chocolate milk a couple of times for special occasions and that's it, not a routine thing at all. Poor eating habits start early especially with a young developing palette, changing their taste preferences can be really hard down the road (that is if it becomes a habit which is what I'd tell the daycare)
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  • We gave DD chocolate milk for the first and only time a few weeks ago. I believe she will have plenty of time to want to drink juice and chocolate milk so I don't plan on giving it to her until she can really ask for it.
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  • She's had it a few times so I'm not opposed to her having it, but I'd expect someone else to ask before they gave it to her.

    I'd be wondering now how often they give it to her, kwim?

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  • I guess I dont see the big deal everyone makes..I asked a pedi, plus my family dr and they all said its fine.  No I wouldnt give it everyday but I wouldnt worry if it was a treat once or twice a week.  Thats JMO.
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    I guess I dont see the big deal everyone makes..I asked a pedi, plus my family dr and they all said its fine.  No I wouldnt give it everyday but I wouldnt worry if it was a treat once or twice a week.  Thats JMO.


    Every time we go to Disneyland DS gets a chocolate milk. It is like his disneyland treat. Mind you that is only maybe once a week.

  • I would not be okay with this, DD has never had any sort of chocolate.

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  • I wouldn't be happy about it. DS only has had chocolate milk once and I would consider it a special occassion treat for him. MIL watches him and I think she gives him too much juice. I don't even like juice. I really only want him drinking milk and water. I would ask the DC lady how often she gives chocolate milk. Maybe it's only once in a blue moon.
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  • There are far worse things a kid could drink besides chocolate milke but I would be a little put off by the fact that she didn't ask first.  I would just ask her today how often she gives it and if it's more than you'd like, ask her to limit it.

    DD has not had chocolate milk yet but she's getting some in her easter basket in place of a chocolate bunny :)

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  • I would not be ok with DCP not telling you about it. And yes I would tell them no more chocolate milk. I think it should be used as a treat not an everyday thing. If it comes down to your child not drinking milk because it's not chocolate, then I would give it to them but get them to run around and play outside for an extra 15-30 minutes every day. That is usually not the case though until the kids are older.

    That being said...LO is on a vanilla flavored formula because she was down to only 5 ounces of formula intake (not that I blame her, I couldn't make myself try it, the smell was just too bitter so I can;t imagine how bad it tasted). So she gets half flavor/half unflavor mixed and now she drinks 10-16 ounces per day. I didn't see the drop in intake until daycare started offering juice without telling me so she was forgoing the formula in exchange for juice from daycare. Our formula only comes in vanilla flavor but if she eventually has other flavor options I would save them as treats like chocolate milk. 


  • Thanks for all your input and your experiences with this issue.  I agree witht he special occasion thing for sure.  I love that he enjoys his regular whole milk and don't want him to be spoiled on chocolate. 
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