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Another BH question

Im still having these damn BH all the time & they are so flipping painful I feel like I could just die!! :( Called the Dr yesterday they told me to drink plenty of water & rest or walk around breathe .... yada yada yada

Anyway after a painful round of agony the LO starts going crazy kicking & moving every which way, which is uncomfortable in itself!! So my questions are, *are your BH super painful & what do you do to ease the pain? & *Does your LO go crazy after them?

Re: Another BH question

  • BH are NOT painful... I'd be calling the OB to come in and be seen not just blown off and told to drink water.
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  • yeah, everything i've heard about bh is that they are tightening of your whole belly, but not painful.  i would call the doc too. 
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  • I had an irritable uterus with my son and while the constant BH were annoying, they were never painful.  I felt some pressure, but not pain.  But, if they are going away after rest and drinking water, they're most likely BH.  Regular contractions would not stop for rest and water.
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  • Ditto the previous answers...BH should not be painful.  My can be constant and really annoying but they don't actually hurt.  The only way I got rid of mine the other night was a warm bath.
  • Yeah BH should not be painful they jsut feel weird!
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  • BH generally aren't super painful but they can hurt or be pretty uncomfortable.  It's hard to tell because people's descriptions of pain are so subjective.  

    Have you been able to get rid of them with the water, walking around, etc.?  If you can't get rid of them, then you need to call your doctor back or go into L&D triage.  Painful contractions that you can't get rid of are concerning at this stage.


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  • I actually just got put on bedrest for the rest of my pregnancy because of these annoying BH. Mine feel crampy at times not painful at all though. Id have them see you just to make sure everything is ok!
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  • Mine can be painful at sometimes too, I've put it off as being normal since the dr told me to take tylenol and drink water too. I havent taken tylenol simply because I dont want the LO getting any meds, I can deal with the pain usually but sometimes they are so intense it catches me off guard. But yesterday at work mine were exceptionally bad almost felt like my stomach was going to rip open, is the only way I can really describe it
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