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Thinning Cervix

Yesterday I had a busy day full of appointments.  I had my first NST which both babies passed within 20 minutes - yay for healthy active babies.  Then I originally had my doctors appointment and measurement sono scheduled for that evening.  My doctor asked that we come over as soon as my NST was done so we went to see her early.  She said everything seemed fine but didn't do a full exam.  We went back in the evening and found out that my cervix has thinned from 4 cm to 2 cm.  My doctor is not in the office today and had already left the office last night so I'm waiting for the on-call doctor to call back.  Since this is my first pregnancy I'm trying not to worry but am a little concerned that I don't have much time left.  My goal is to make it to 36 weeks but don't know what the chances of that are.

Is/has this happened to anyone else or if anyone has any advice I'd love to hear it.  I've already left work but would love to hear anything else I could be doing to slow these girls down! 


Re: Thinning Cervix

  • I'm glad your girls passed the NST so quickly - that is excellent. I can't speak as to how to slow a cervix down (whoa, nellie)...

    But I do know that I've been holding at 2.6 for the past 3 weeks. From what I understand, a regular (non preggo) cervix can be anywhere from 3.5 to 5.  I'm also BHing like it's my job, but it doesn't look to be affecting dilation or anything, since I'm still shut.  

    My obs tell me to try and rest several times a day in order to keep this little man from an early entrance. Whatever you do learn, I hope your girls keep baking! 

  • Well it makes me feel better to know you've been the same for several weeks.  Just not hearing from my doctor after getting that news has me stressed.  I'm doing my best to rest as much as possible so hopefully everything will stay the same!  Thank you for lowering my stress level a little!
  • A couple of things, first off your cervical length can change throughout the pregnancy, it can go down and go back up depending on things like physical activity and such. Mine has gone down to 2.9 when I was in PTL and a few weeks later was back up to a whopping 4.4.

    A multiple pregnancy is handled differently obviously but I am technically 'high risk' also and my docs weren't all that concerned, they said they'd be watching more closely if it dropped below 2.5 and just keep an eye on it. Basically if it keeps dropping you'll get put on some sort of bedrest and then have weekly cervical length ultrasounds. But keep in mind you're already 32 weeks with twins, that's a GREAT accomplishment. It would probably be a different story if you were back at 19 weeks. Try not to stress, easier said than done I know.

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  • When I was taking child birth classes my instructor told me that she knew a lady who was fully effaced(sp?) and dialated to a 4 for 3-4 weeks before she was due and they actually still had to induce her labor. She said that if something like that happens, we should just think of it as a freebie - something you don't have to work for in labor. Hopefully it's nothing for you to worry about and it's just a freebie - making your labor that much easier! :-)

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  • Ya I have always heard first time moms thin bf they dilate. And yes my dr had a lady who was 4-5 dilated and 70-80% effaced at 35 weeks till 38 weeks when her water finally broke. Don't lose hope!!

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