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17-18 month olds and sleep

Is there a wakeful or growth spurt around this time?  Since last week DD has been getting up earlier and earlier, with this morning being 445am.  This is the earliest it's been in 6 months!  I gave her milk thinking maybe she was hungry and put her back down.  She stayed quiet for maybe 20 more minutes and then that was it.  I tried letting her CIO and after 30 minutes figured she was just ready to get up because she never does this.  She is going down the same time as she used to.  Last night even tried putting her to bed 30 minutes earlier because she just seemed tired and that backfired obviously. 

Any thoughts or suggestions?  I'm wondering If I should put her to bed later? 

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Re: 17-18 month olds and sleep

  • I just posted below about my son's sleep schedule. He's 19 months & his schedule went from 8pm-7am to midnight-10am!!
  • I don't know but my dude is doing this (just shy of 17 mos) the past 2 weeks, he's also dropping his afternoon nap and it's making no sense to me... how can he be dropping all this sleep time??! Being pregnant it's killing me... I'm debating whether or not to push his bedtime back a half an hour or something, not sure what else to do about it?


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  • My DD has been getting up earlier and earlier since the time change a few weeks ago. 

    We also thought maybe she was ready for a later bedtime, so we've tried putting her to bed a little later (we've tried 15-30 minutes later)...but that really didn't help at all, she was still getting up super early.    And now she's teething, so I guess we're just going to stick with our routine until her new teeth come in. 

    She's still napping well during the day (2 hours), but is definitely exhausted in the evenings when we pick her up from daycare. 

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  • While my DS still slept OK then, I did notice he was eating like crazy at 17/18 months and felt that there must be a growth spurt around then.

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  • I posted about this yesterday. DS has been getting up in the middle of the night and seems wide awake.  We put him down for bed at around 8:30 (his bedtime routine has been the same since he was 10 months) and he usually would wake up at 6, nurse then sleep for another 1-2 hrs.  This past week he wakes up at 1:30 like clock work and refuses to go back to bed. We've tried letting him CIO, bring him to bed, nurse...but nothing works he just tosses and turns for hours. Finally around 4am he goes back to sleep and wakes up at 9am. He has also been refusing naps unless i sleep with him. Today we took two naps, one lasting 1.5 hrs and the second 1hr. I called my mom b/c I'm so sleep deprived and she did thinks it might be a growth spurt (and a little separation anxiety). I hope this phase passes soon.
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