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weight gain and hunger

Okay, so I know that when you're in your first trimester, you're not going to be gaining  alot of weight, typically. I am 13 weeks pregnant, first child, tiny frame, etc. and I haven't gained any weight at all. The thing is Im constantly starving. Im always eating, and I eat a ton. I just don't gain any weight, and even after eating I feel as if I haven't eaten anything!! It's insane. I just wonder, am I always so hungry because the baby is starving? Or is it just metabolism? And also, when will I start gaining weight? I just pray that the baby is okay, the doctor said that as long as im eating healthy, everything should be great. The heart beat was very strong, so we're not worried, but then again, I'm a first time parent, so there's always those fears! Please give me advice!!



Re: weight gain and hunger

  • The hunger I felt while preggers is like no others! Its constant and demanding! lol..you will gain weight, give it time! Its still early. I gained most of my weight the last two months. Just relax and enjoy!
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  • I didn't gain any weight with DS until I was 23 weeks. I haven't gained any with this pregnancy yet either. Even if you aren't gaining, the baby is. They take what they need first, and sometimes they don't leave anything for you. It is completely unnecessary to gain in the first trimester. With DS, I had only gained 5 lbs at 23 weeks, but he measured three weeks ahead on the ultrasound.
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  • Ooops!  I have gained a little too much I am over my expected gain but only by a few pounds.  I am just SOOOO HUNGRY all the time it feels like I can't help myself. 
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  • I would not worry. I just went to the doctor yesterday and had not gained any weight since my last appt. a month ago. It could be because I am less bloated now. My stomach is almost flat again, so I am wondering where the baby is hiding! I actually wish I was hungry though! My appetite is pretty pathetic!
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  • Don't worry about gaining weight unless your doctor is concerned. I didn't start gaining weight until 4-5 months into my last pregnancy. Everybody thought I was kidding about being pregnant because I was wearing my regular sized clothes and barely showing.
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