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question about C-section and nursing

What was your experience with having a c-section and nursing.  Did you nurse while you received pain medication?  Were you able to nurse right after delivery?


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Re: question about C-section and nursing

  • I nursed while on pain meds... I think I took them for 1-2 weeks post partum.

    I had GD, and after 36 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing (and no food) my DS had very low blood sugar after the c/s.  He had one small feeding of formula to stabilize his blood sugars and then we nursed right after that in recovery.  We had a successful 6 month bf'ing relationship.  

    With my RCS, I have requested to nurse as soon as possible.  From my experience before, I don't think it will be a problem. They encourage it in recovery, actually.

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  • My sister had 3 sections and nursed all of her kids.  Not immediately, but as soon as she was out of recovery I know she did.  The surgery was never an obstacle to her nursing.
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  • I first nursed my son within a few hours of my c-section (cant remember exactly how long as it was all a blur for me) and from then on out continued to nurse throughout my stay up to 1 year old. So, I did nurse while taking the pain meds, I was never told not too, and was told they wouldnt negatively affect my new baby. And it didnt.....
  • I nursed in recovery.  I was on vicodin and motrin and nursed with no problems.
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  • When I had DS, I didn't get to hold him until about two hours after he was born because they had to stitch me up which took about an hour and then they put me in recovery for about an hour.  When they finally put me in my post partum room I got to hold him for the first time but I didn't nurse him until the next day.  At that point it was 3 AM and I was so drugged up and tired that nursing probably wouldn't have been a good idea anyway.  I nursed him for the first time the following morning with no issues.  He latched right away and I never had any issues with it.

    This time because it is a scheduled c/s I'm hoping it will go much smoother and I'll be able to hold her and nurse her much sooner.  Plus, I am delivering at a different hospital this time and they allow father and baby to go into recovery with me where as my last hospital didn't.

  • I had a c-section in the middle of the night and so my timeline is off a bit but the recovery room was my 'regular' room and I recall after the 1 hr of heart/lung monitoring for clots and such, and after they gave him his first bath--I think they had me breastfeed---it was fairly quickly though.

    The one thing about BFing and c-section that no one tells you is that when you bf your uterus contracts---  that's ok if you had a vag delivery--but when they just carved in to your uterus holy crap does it hurt---- I didn't expect that....so you will NEED pain meds--and they are safe for LO---no issues.  I will say that the BFing actually helped contract the uterus--so although a little painful at times---it helped in the healing.  I recommend it. 

    I bf'd my DS for about 20 months.

  • I breastfed in the recovery area and for 1-2 weeks on percocet.  I successfully breastfed for about 1 year with DD.  Plan to do the same with DS.  I am hoping I will be less tired this time around, since my C/S is planned this time.
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  • My sis has had 2 c-sections and nursed both babies while she was still in recovery.
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  • I nursed my LO right after she was born.  She stayed in recovery with me.  I was also on mag sulfate for my BP and was still able to nurse.
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  • image Brooklyn2577:
    I nursed in recovery.  I was on vicodin and motrin and nursed with no problems.


    I would alternate 800 mg ibuprofin with darvocet and had no problems.  

  • I nursed from immediately after DS was born until he was 13 months old.  Had a C/S and no problems.  I took pain meds for about 2 weeks post-C/S.  I'm not *sure* but I think they prescribed my meds knowing that I wanted to BF. 
  • I nursed as soon as I got out of recovery, but I only took the narcotics for a day. I went to just ibuprofen, and as long as I took it at regular intervals it worked enough to control the pain for me. I didn't need the stronger stuff, so I didn't see a reason to take it, whether it was safe for LO or not.
  • I had a section (at 11:05pm) and we were nursing by 12:30.  I would recommend that you keep reminding the staff that you want to BF and ask that they bring you the baby as soon as possible.  (I did threaten to get up out of recovery and go get him myself, but that wasn't necessary!).

    Everyone's experience is different, but I didn't end up needing any pain meds at all (not even ibuprofen) after the epidural wore off. They assured me that the meds they give you are safe for BF if you do need them, but since my pain was minimal, I felt fine without taking anything.

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  • I BF immediately after my c-section, in recovery, without any problems, despite being on pain medications.
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