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Gaining weight on mini-pill?

Has anyone experienced either a weight gain or a stall in losing pregnancy weight since starting to take the mini pill? I lost an extra 10 lbs. almost immediately after giving birth. Once I started taking the mini pill it came back on pretty quickly, even though I wasn't eating any differently. I fully admit to not eating as well as I should be or getting enough exercise so it could very well just be due to my laziness, especially because I thought since there are less hormones it wouldn't be likely to cause much, if any, weight gain. So just wanted to see if anyone else experienced this or if I should just quit whining on the Bump, stop eating Cadbury mini eggs, and break out the Wii fit a little more often. 
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Re: Gaining weight on mini-pill?

  • No, I take the mini-pill and I lost 35 lbs of my pregnancy weight post-baby (gained 50 lbs while pregnant despite eating/swimming/yogaing. Thanks, BF'ing, for the extra calorie burn!!!) from 10/20 to 11/30. I was put on the mini-pill 12/1 and even though I work out 5-6 times a week (for at least 30 minutes if not a full hour), eat healthy, drink plenty of water, the scale hasn't budged. I'm going off the mini-pill since I'm no longer BF'ing and it isn't as effective when you do that, and I'm going onto a low-estrogen pill. Hopefully I will be able to get back to losing weight! :c(
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  • I haven't gained any weight but I still have 10 lbs to go before I get back to my "regular" weight.  The scale hasn't budget in about a month.  I've been in the gym pretty hard so I've been thinking maybe I'm gaining muscle mass while losing fat (hoping that's the case)
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