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NBR: Tats n Glitter

I am so addicted to LA Ink I don't even know where to start.  First off, Kat Von D is HAWT and I love seeing all the purdy tats that people get.

Well, because of their evil genius, I am off ot Sephora after work today to buy some Kat Von D make-up so I can be all pin-up-a-licious when I start caring about my appearance again.  I'm also plotting my tat to celebrate DD. Ever since she started moving, I like to joke about how she squirms like a fish, so I'm going to get a koi tattoo to symbolize her on my right shoulder or arm, not sure which.

I already have three tattoos, a lotus that I got when I came of age to get tatted up, a vine design on my hip that signifies my love of dance and a "grounded" electrical symbol on my wrist for my one year anniversary with DH.

 How about the rest of you?  Any tat freaks out there? If so, whatcha got?

Re: NBR: Tats n Glitter

  • I LOVE Kat Von D and tattoos. My fiance makes fun of me because i have a poster of her in our room, i have a crush on her...haha. Thats who i was for halloween last year! I have six tattoos. Most of them are in memory of friends who have passed away. Lots of flowers!!! I have been having with drawls since i got pregnant....i cant wait until i can get my sleeve finished!!!!

  • I have a crush on her too, Denver. She is uberHawt. I always tell DH she's my girlfriend and he laughs.  He thinks she's crazy hot, too, so it's OK.


    I have to check up on breast feeding and tats.  I would assume the ink can travel through your system, but I don't know if it matters or not..hmmm.  I just know that I'm feelign the itch again!

  • yea, i asked my tattoo artist, and he said not while breastfeeding =(

  • sigh... well I guess I'll have to wait a bit longer, then. It's ok though, it'll give me more time to design it :)
  • Just one. ?I have a black and?turquoise?tribal butterfly on my lower back I got after my divorce from my?college?sweetheart. ?There was about a two year period of major upheaval and change in my life and I really felt like I grew as a person, so I wanted something to remember that period. =)

    Ever since DH saw that I had the tattoo (our third date Wink) he has called me Mariposa (Spanish for butterfly)

  • I have a tat in memory of my Mom who died almost 10 years ago between my shoulder blades. She had ALS so it their logo, in pink & black (my wedding colours) with zebra stripes (my favourite animal). I think tat's are beautiful as long as they have special meaning to you. I hate hearing people say "I'm getting get his covered up..."! I just think those people didn't put enough thought and consideration into what they were getting in the first place.
  • Nope no tattoos... I went through this thing where I wanted something really small on like my hip, but my DH said that would be the worst fight we ever would be in, and he would sleep on the couch for weeks and not even speak to me... so I decided against it- even though I think he was exaggerating a bit!
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