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Nursing school while being a mom of 2under2..

Anyone here in Nursing school. I will be starting in Aug. 
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Re: Nursing school while being a mom of 2under2..

  • I am just waiting to get in! I am in the CNA program right now while I wait. Good luck to you! You will make it work!


  • Well I finished about 3 years ago but I'm starting again for more letters behind my name... I'm doing this all 'self paced' through a college in NY. Anyway all I can tell you is that it is no cake walk... but I'm sure it's doable. However, in my experience, there would be NO way to do this without having both kids in daycare or with a caregiver about 5 days a week... typically you have class 3 days a week and then clinicals the other 2 days. So I'd be prepared for that. Also the curriculum and schedule is super rigid, there's no room for flexibility at all which would be hard with 2 kiddos. But like I said I'm sure it's doable, it may not be a blast lol but I'm sure you'll do fine ;)



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  • Not in Nursing school... But in school full time and working 2x a week. Good luck! :)






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  • Hi.  I started nursing school, well my pre-reqs in Sept 2006.  At that time my boys were 26 months and 5 1/2 months.  I got a HUGE suprise BFP in Aug. 2007.  Started my nursing classes and clinicals in Sept 2007!  I had a scheduled c-section with my 3rd son 4 weeks before the end of one of my semesters.  I returned to school when he was 8 days old!  My school was awesome and worked with me.  I got my Associates in May 2009, with my 3 boys there!  They even came to my pinning and pinned me with my DH.  They were 4, 3 and 13 months at that time!  I continued on as well and just completed my BSN in Feb, so anything is possible.  Having family support is what got me through it.  My DH was amazing during the whole thing.  While I was in school, he did the cooking and cleaning.  When he was home, the kids were his responsibility so that I could study and do school work!  It was a lot of work, many tears but so worth it in the end.  I now work nights and am home with my boys 6 days a week (the 7th day I sleep!).  I am there for everything, sctivities, parties,etc.  I wouldn't change anything!  Good luck!
  • I am a current nursing student with an 8 mo (I'm lurking... baby fever)

     Anyway- Go for it! It is hard to balance everything and my school is super super demanding. But it is totally worth it! Right now my daughter won't remember that "Mom had to study" and that my nose is buried in my numerous text books. I think that the younger they are, the better.

    Another point orientation, they pounded into our heads that we would have "NO time for [our] selves" and that our "life would be consumed." and it EASILY could but make time for family because you will go crazy if you don't.

    The first semester is the hardest because you have to change the way you think, but after that and when you get into the swing of things, it really isn't that bad!



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