3rd Trimester

if this is your last baby (and you are 100% sure)

what are you doing for bc after baby comes? 

and has anyone heard of Adiana (a new form of sterilization similar to Essure)?

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Re: if this is your last baby (and you are 100% sure)

  • DH said he is getting a vasectomy.  So if he really does do it, then I don't need to do anything else.  If not, I was thinking of getting another IUD then in a couple years getting the Essure procedure.  Never heard of the Adiana...I'm going to have to Google that.



  • I am going to get another IUD. It has work well for me in the past and I don't want to have any procedures done.

  • My husband promised a vasectomy... that was back in December. It's now nearly April and no appointment.

    We were using a spermicide when I got pregnant, so that is not an option as far as I'm concerned. 

    Hormones make me gain a ton of weight, which is why we were using spermicide to begin with.

    I really don't want to go under the knife for tubal ligation, but something needs to be done because this is so not happening again. 

    My doctor recommended Mirena but it still has SOME hormones even though it's an IUD, and i'm not sure I want to risk having trouble getting my baby weight back off.

    I guess it's still up in the air. 


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  • This is my last, and I am 99% sure, but I am not ready to do anything permanent.  That being said, I am just going to go back on BC pills.
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  • Dh and I have talked about him getting a vasectomy.
  • I am still debating a tubal while I'm on the table for my RCS. If we don't go that route, my DH will be getting snipped in July or August.
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  • DH will get a vasectomy when we are all said and done. Granted that will be a couple years from now.
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  • I think my husband will get a vasectomy when we're 100% done.  It seems less invasive for him to get something permanent than for me to do it.

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  • DH will get a vasectomy- not sure when. I've always heard it's best to wait a year or so, just to be sure that you're done (and to make sure everything is okay w/ baby- although I know that sounds really morbid). 
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  • DS says he wants a vasectomy but I don't want him to get it until DS is out of the range for SIDS death. Morbid, I know...but reality. I think I'm going to try Mirena in the mean time. I looked into Essure. We'll do Essure or a Vasectomy depending on what's cheaper.
  • My DH wants to get a vasectomy and I'm fine with that.
  • I'm not 100% until after we have this baby---but if it's a girl I'm 100%--LOL.  If it's a boy I'm 95% sure I'm done.  I was thinking Mirena b/c it's not permament but we could do something later.

    I'm against getting anything done during a c-section or immediately after delivery b/c what if "God forbid" something were to happen to your new LO--- and you eventually wanted another.  So I'm waiting a year to decide.


  • DH is getting snipped. We plan to get it done so that he is done with his soreness before I am done bleeding.
  • Tubes tied during the section.


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  • Well according to everyone on both sides of our families, I'm getting my tubes tied- it's been heavily questioned and commented on since they found out we were expecting.  In my own world where we are the only ones responsible for our children, as in we're not complaining why are others...sorry add-in vent but a woman's choice is just that right, her choice?!

    I couldn't get an IUD-problems getting it to stay in in 2009 and went w/ Depo shot-makes me feel pregnant and hungry ALL day. So for sure that I'm done for couple of years as this pregnancy has been a drag, but pills may be the immediate choice for now.

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  • DH already got a vasectomy.  It was a super easy in office procedure that and recovery consisted of him sitting with an ice pack on his balls for the afternoon.  Next day, he was up and at 'em.  His balls were black and blue for a week or so, but not much pain at all.
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  • I am hoping to get my tubes tied during my RCS, but we have to jump through some hoops based on my age and the fact that the hospital we are delivering at is catholic. (It drives me crazy that some priest somewhere thinks he has the right to say what is right for my family, especially since we are not even catholic. It should be MY choice, but whatever.) 

    If we are denied, I will look into a copper IUD or DH will get a vasectomy, we haven't decided yet. 

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  • We are 100% done and I am having a tubal during my c/s. We ahve signed the paper work already. I am also getting the Mirena IUD to stop my periords since they are really heavy when I am not on BC.


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  • I'm not super excited about the idea of hormonal birth control (I've only used it for 3 months of my life total and wasn't a HUGE fan), but I might consider the pill for a while. I'm interested in the non-hormonal copper IUD, but it seems like whenever someone TALKS about their IUD, it's a negative story. Not that people don't have good experiences, I'm sure, but negative ones are talked about a lot more.

    Once I hit the age where we DEFINITELY would not be comfortable with me getting pregnant again (35ish, probably), my husband will get the snip.

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  • snip, snip! and maybe a tie up for me as well...havent decided 100% on my end...

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