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Which would you buy?

My birthing center allows us to wear our own night gowns, so I am trying to decided on what to get. I hate the hospital gowns bc they are just way too big on me, and I can't stand the way they fit. So, I was looking at Kohl's website and they have some really cute options. I just can't decide if I want gowns with a short sleeve, or ones with like straps. Not like little thin straps, but like normal width straps. I figure if I will also be wearing a robe I should be warm enough (I am always hot anyway). I will also be birthing in a big tub, so I doubt I will be wearing the gown for that long, except after delivery. Both types of gowns have buttons in the front that would work great for BFing too. So what do you think ladies, which would you go with?

Re: Which would you buy?

  • The cheapest one, because it's probably not going to be pretty when you get it back home. IF it's worth bringing home after delivery...
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  • I'd probably wear the one with sleeves, since I really didn't use my robe in the hospital- only when my FIL came to visit!

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  • If you insist upon wearing your own during delivery, make it a very cheap one! I think the best bet is to wear a hospital gown during delivery, than wear your own for the rest of the stay. It's going to get so nasty during/after delivery, it's really not worth spending the money on, you'll end up just throwing it away. Just an honest opinion....
  • I have always liked tank top straps better than sleeves. The sleeves tend to bunch up and get uncomfortable, but I would go with the one that unbuttons the farthest, that way you don't have to deal with it when BFing. 





  • The cheapest thing possible if you just cannot stand the hospital gowns. Don't you think it's going to get quite messy?
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  • Sounds like she wants her own gown for AFTER delivery since she's planning on a water birth...

    I don't like sleeves so I'd personally pick the tank straps but it's about what you would be most comfortable in, no?

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  • Thanks for the opinions ladies. I think I will use the hospital gowns prior to getting into the big tub, and then maybe have one or two normal gowns for after delivery. I agree that they would get pretty messy during labor, so no point in wasting the money for use during labor. Thanks for the advice :)
  • I am getting my own gown as well. I know it sound vain but honestly I want my pics to look better this time around. We already look like H--l after giving birth so I think a cute gown will help me to feel better.

    I am not sure why everyone keeps saying how messy everything is. Yes, things do get messy but for me none of the really messy stuff got on my gown before. It was pulled up to my belly so the only part of it that got dirty was where my son rested on my chest after delivery.


    Now as far as choosing between the two, IDK. I would normally prefers the skinny strap but the hospital might get cold so sleeves might be the way to go. If you plan on nursing, which ever one makes that easier may be best.

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