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DH has been

Last night as we were driving home, my H said "Man there's some gross things that will happen later".  I asked him what he was talking about and he said he's been reading his's the recap.  I found it hilarious.

 H- Theres a mucous-y/bloody something that will fall out before your water breaks"

Me- Yea the mucous plug

H - YEA!  They even call it a plug (shudders)!  How can something bloody and called a plug fall out and you don't have to go to the hospital?! 

Me- You don't go to the hospital until your water..

H- bags of water

Me- whatever, breaks or you have timeable contractions.  Ew what happens if my water breaks on the carpet?

H- I dunno, I guess you get your carpet cleaned.

Oh man I love this guy.  I'm impressed he's reading.  I was going to get him a book, but his brother loaned him one.  Its nice to know that even though he doesn't talk about it much, he's staying mentally involved with what is going on or going to happen.

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Re: DH has been

  • Haha.. gotta love men! I try talking to dh but he doesn't want to know.. also my plug never came out that I noticed or whatever when my water broke and unlike tv it wasn't a huge gush (it was two am and dh thought I was joking because I wasn't hysterical like hollywood films I was just 'uh I think my water broke') it just was enough to wet my undies so I ran around with a towel between my legs before going to the hospital.. you'll have to be more worried if your water breaks in bed! At least I was standing heading to bed..then you have your sheets and mattress.. ew.
  • LOL DH hasn't done much reading yet, but he has a book he plans on reading soon... can't wait for that!

    In the meantime he likes to remind me, "From July on you will be sitting and sleeping on a towel. That couch is brand new suede and my chair may have been $30 at Goodwill, but its irreplaceable."

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  • Haha, that's too adorable! FI hasn't done any reading yet, but I hope he does so we can get some of those funny man-isms, too.
  • Ugh mine has too and I've decided a little knowledge is waaaaay dangerous in the hands of my husband. My mom got him a book called My Boys Can Swim thinking humor would be the way to go to get him to read....I should have read it first. Now, he wants to put plastic covering over the passenger side of the car for my 9th month b/c the author alluded to water breaking in a new car. Also, he thinks we don't need to order baby furniture b/c somewhere in the book there is a mention of some type of box being placed between the parents on the bed with the baby in it and the baby being changed on any table...I think he thinks we are having a litter of puppies!
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