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Anyone have success with hypnobirthing?

DH and I read the book and have been practicing techniques.  Just would love to hear some positive outcomes of using the method.

Re: Anyone have success with hypnobirthing?

  • I would ask on the natural birth board. You may find more experience over there.
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  • Yes - although I would recommend Hypnobabies over Hypnobirthing.  :) It worked beautifully for me until Pitocin hit my world, lol.

    I still use the techniques to make migraines go away.

  • We used hypnobirthing and LOVED it!  My MW told me she has seen a lot of births, but said my DD's was one of the most beautiful she had ever seen.  Hypnobirthing helped to keep me calm, and focused.  The surges, while intense at times were always manageable.  I was never tempted by an epi, I simply did not need it.  

    I think the key to hypnobirthing is to practice.  So when the big day rolls around it's like second nature to you.  Feel free to PM if you have any specific questions.  

    Best of luck!  You can do this. 

  • I used hypnobirthing to great success. You can see my birth story in the post above, titled "August Benjamin's Birth".

    I would suggest the program, just be sure you listen to the CD every night. That is what really helped me in labor was that CD.


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