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Contraction question

Is it possible to only feel a contraction on one side? I've been having a period-like cramping that's only on my right side and wraps around my back. It doesn't feel like a Braxton Hicks, but I thought that contractions were supposed to be felt on both sides.

Any ideas? It's not timeable and not painful enough to worry about calling L&D.

Re: Contraction question

  • I would say anything is possible.  I had back labor which simply felt like back pain and because of that I did not even know that I was in labor.  I had no pain or cramping in my stomach or sides.  In fact the only thing that made me realize that something was wrong was I started spotting and when I got to the hospital I was 6cm dilated.
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  • Yes. I went into preterm labor 2 thursday's ago (was in hospital for 8 days following) and my contrax were 2 mins apart, only on right side and back.
  • I think it is possible. Mostly what I've read about contractions is that it could be felt in your back and feels like its "wrapping" around from the sides of your belly. You are almost full term so it could be some practice for you! Maybe just let your doctor know the next appt. Mine was always asking if I felt any braxton hicks, so it might be a good thing to let them know.

  • Thanks, ladies! I'm so afraid I won't be able to tell when I'm really having contractions, and now I think I know what they might feel like (although I'm sure they will be MUCH more painful.) At least now if I start having them where they are timeable I won't discount them b/c I can't feel them on both sides.
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