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I have no idea if I'm going into labor...

I feel like an idiot! Today is my due date. At my appt. yesterday I was 4cm and 70% effaced. My Dr. said she tried to "aggravate things" when she checked me, but did not strip my membranes. I had cramping throughout the day, nothing I couldn't handle though, and have had no spotting. Today I had some loose stools and have had a consistent lower backache. I've been timing what I think might be contractions at 8-9min apart. Hubby is working an hour away and keeps asking me if he should come home and I have no idea what to tell him. Does this sound like pre labor?

Re: I have no idea if I'm going into labor...

  • when my labor started I was on the toilet for an hour on and off, but mostly on.  I also had a clear/blood tinged mucus all day and was feeling sleeping and nauseated.  If the poops are coming, and you feel pushy then it could be the real deal.  Hope this helps!

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  • It sounds like early labor to me. I had a lower back ache, pressure between my hips and irregular contractions. I lost my mucous plug/had my bloody show the next night (I had a very long labor). I'd keep timing the contractions but I never really had "regular" contractions except while I was sleeping. If you feel ready to go to the hospital then I would. Although laboring at home might be more comfortable being in the hospital laboring is more comforting (you can get drugged up, if you're going that route). Good luck, sounds promising!
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  • It won't hurt to go to the hospital. The worst that might happen is they'll tell you no you're not in labor and then send you home.
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  • It does kinda seem like it. You are more than half effaced and almost half dilated. Do the contractions feel like they are getting closer together and hurting more?? If so I would DEFINITELY tell your husband to come home cause you should be safe than sorry. The loose stools are a sign too. Maybe you should call your hospital and tell them and see what they think about it. Good luck!!! =)
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