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was your pregnany planned or not?

What is your pregnancy story? Was your pregnancy planned or a surprise? Do tell! Smile 

My story: I was with my ex husband for 11 years and we never  once even had a pregnancy "scare" or anything. So I went to an infertility doctor one time for a check up. I never went back because I was young and scared to find out if something was wrong. My ex comes from a fertile family, lots of children. I thought I was infertile and just accepted it. My ex always wanted to be a dad and I felt bad.

Well, my ex husband met his new wife and got her pregnant right away! I thought for sure now that it was me who had been infertile and I was devistated. The reality that I could never be a mother sunk in big time.

I got on BC pills after my divorce to try to regulate my periods. I met my new DH in 2009 and quit taking BC around March of 2010. I took a pregnancy test the week of my birthday (January 2011) and I was so shocked! My DH had gotten me pregnant and I couldn't be happier! It was a complete surprise Smile



Re: was your pregnany planned or not?

  • Aw, what an awesome story! Congratulations!

    Our pregnancy was not planned. We became engaged in October 2010 after dating for about a year and a half. Little did we know, we got pregnant about 6 or so weeks later! We planned on having kids but not for ~5 years or so. We are both young (24, both going on 25 within the next couple months) so we thought we'd have some time to buy a house, travel, etc. before we settled down. However, life didn't work out that way for us! And to be honest, we couldn't be happier. After the initial shock that we were expecting we became very excited. We found out a couple days ago that we are having a little boy and we are both over the moon. We also moved our wedding up to March 2011 - so we have been married 2 weeks today :)

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  • Can I tell about my other kids as well? When I think of pregnancy I think of all of my kids. lol.

    I was 15 when my hubby and I started going out. When I was 18 (he was... 20, 21) I moved 4 hrs and one state away for college. but my boyfriend stayed in our home town. we tried to visit as much as possible. so after my first semester of college there i came home for a break and some things happened. so i stayed home. a couple months later we find out im pregnant. freaking out! My boyfriend had no job or anything. We decide to get married since that was our plan anyway and so we tell our parents and all that jazz. i was 16 wks when we got married. Had our baby girl, yay.

    Our daughter was 7 1/2 months old when I stopped nursing her. I had started going back to school, except at a branch here in our home town. When our daughter was 9 months old I went to the doctor and guess what?! I am pregnant? I go for my first check up and the nurse  was saying how we cant pin point how far along i am so we used the doppler- doubting we could hear a heart beat, which means, i would at least 11 wks. Put it on and BAM*  We heard it right way. I was at least 11 wks along. So I went for an ultra sound that night... I was 13 wks 1 day talk about the shock of a life time!!! Our oldest are 15 months apart.

    Fast forward 5 years....

    Daughter is now 6 years and 2 months, and our son will be 5 years beginning of May.

    So back in December the doctor needed to put me on some meds and he told me to wait until I start my period because I couldn't be pregnant on this medication. I said ok, moved on. We my periods are never regular, never "on time." 2 days after I fill the meds I decide "hey why not, let's take a test." I think my jaw fell out of socket... I called hubby in to see and he's all "so what's that mean"........ uhhhh, well we've seen it a few times. he brushes it off and says "maybe it's a fake." later that day I took 3 more and hubby says "well the doc still has to do a blood test, right?" lol... true... i went along wtih it... doc calls "congrats! you are def. pregnannt!"

    :D we are now due between Sept. 2-6

    oh... so all of our pregnancies are pleasant surprises.

  • Ours was a very happy yet unexpected surprise! One year earlier than we had planned. As a result I'll graduate law school with my daughter there to see it! :)
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  • Planned, both of them but much faster than we expected.  First month of trying both times.  We wanted about 20-24 aiming for 22 months apart, so we started trying figuring we would not get so lucky this time.  So they will be between 19-20 months apart...oh yeah we only had sex 2 times anywhere around the time of my ovulating and I was still breastfeeding.  I had only had 2 periods around 60 days apart.
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  • We wanted to have a baby, but we weren't planning on getting pregnant for another year or two.

    Long story short, my boyfriend of four years proposed to me in September 2010 and we decided to stop with our birth control. Ever since I stopped the depo porvera shots, I was pretty much getting pregnancy tests every other week or going to Planned Parenthood. Either out of paranoia or wishful thinking, I was constantly misreading the side effects of the birth control leaving my body as a sign I was pregnant (even though I was still having my period). The kind nurse at Planned Parenthood explained (after the second visit that month) that it could take up to a year to get pregnant after being on the shot.

    I still wasn't convinced. In January, I was expecting Aunt Flow. Sore breasts. Cramps. The works. These went on for two and a half weeks and still no period. I finally worked up the nerve to ask my fiance to bring me to the drug store so I could pick up a pee stick. I always felt so awkward telling him I needed to pick one up. He would always get so disappointed wen we got a negative. Anyways. I got a pack of three. The woman at the counter was such a sweetheart and wished us good luck on whatever we wanted the outcome to be.

    We got home and I made a beeline straight to the bathroom. The instructions said to wait four to five minutes for a result. I wasn't even done washing my hands when I got a REALLY strong positive. My jaw dropped. My heart started pounding. The only thing I could say was "Holy ****!" 

    After a taking a few minutes of trying not to faint, I came out of the bathroom. FI asked what was wrong, since he had heard me. Completely speechless, I just held up the test. It took him a couple of seconds to get it. He hugged me and told me how much he loved me while I just started crying. 

    I decided to take another test later that night to be sure. It was an immediate, strong positive again. The next morning, I took the third. Same thing. Later that day, we went to Planned Parenthood to reeeeaaaally make sure. Another strong positive. Then we finally went to our doctor's, and they took a blood test to confirm for their own records.

    And that's how I became the happiest girl in the world. 

    February 19, 2010- BFP! March 14, 2010- M/C January 17, 2011- BFP! April 26th, 2011- It's a boy! Due September 20, 2011 May 2, 2011- Confirmed Gastroschisis August 7, 2011- Labor begins August 12, 2011- Max is born October 4, 2011- Max comes home!

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  • Very planned. 9 months of trying and 1 miscarriage later, we finally have our sticky baby!

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  • Same here. After a year of marriage, we tried - 1 month later pg. 

    Miscarried at 13 wks - started trying again 5 months later and here we are again.  

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  • Most definitely a surprise. I had just weaned my son in mid-October and still had one pill cycle left of the minipill and figured it'd be fine for one cycle! I had my doctor appointment the week of Thanksgiving to get my prescription switched to the full combo pill only to find out I'm pregnant!

    We had wanted to wait a while before trying to conceive again and it came as a shock. Had quite a hard time being happy or accepting it for a while really, but we're excited now and know it must've been meant to be!

  • Ours was so not planned! I was on Mirena for about a year and a month before my wedding in October (the 23rd), I decided to have it removed to give my face a chance to clear up (it gave me some wicked acne). I had set up an appointment for Nov. 5th for a regular check-up at my OB/GYN and to discuss further birth control methods. Well, a little less than two weeks after the wedding, I found out I was pregnant...and I definitely cried! I was a little upset, shocked and freaked out and the next day at my appointment, they of course were able to confirm it.

    Now, I'm very excited to meet my daughter, I just had to get over that initial shock :) All my pregnancy symptoms mirrored PMS so I had nooo idea until my mom made me take a test after I complained about being dizzy and my back hurting worse than normal (not to mention, I hadn't had a period in about 5 weeks lol)

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  • I like all these pleasant surprise stories. Here's another one:

    My husband and I have been together for about 8 years, married for almost 5. We've always known we've wanted to be parents, but were just waiting for the "right" time. I got my Masters and a good, stable (though modestly paid) job, but my DH has been stuck in a rut. I had been on BC consistently since I was 15 (till 28) and I decided I wanted to let my body get back to normal. I started using natural family planning to avoid the "danger days." We knew of the risks, but we decided that if I happened to get pregnant, it would be a happy thing. And it didn't seem like there would ever be a "right" time.

    Needless to say, we ended up throwing caution to the wind and ignoring my fertile days altogether. And it happened! Now our lives are changed forever and we're both thrilled.  

    I just want to say that my heart goes out to all those parents who have struggled with loss and IF. We consider ourselves very lucky. 

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  • Yes and YES. Definitely planned.
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  • Nope, not at all. DH and I have been together for five years (married for three and a half). Actually we had talked about never wanting kids. We both enjoy kids but thought our busy love for travel life style just doesn't match the life of mommy and daddy. Well fast forward, here we are 4 months in and are very excited. Just goes to show that somethings in life we can't control.
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  • I suppose we would consider ours a suprise.  After 4 years of TTC and our failed IVF in October, we decided to take a break.  We were thinking about taking about a year or so off from TTC.  We actually took a big "no-kids" vacation in December (to an adults only resort) to sortof celebrate coming to terms with our decision and starting our life over.  It was the shock of a lifetime when my period was late in January, and we got a positive test!
    TTC #1 for 4 years with every trick in the book. IVF in October 2010= BFN
    Surprise BFP in Dec 2010- Elliott Michael born 9/22/11
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    I suppose we would consider ours a suprise.  After 4 years of TTC and our failed IVF in October, we decided to take a break.  We were thinking about taking about a year or so off from TTC.  We actually took a big "no-kids" vacation in December (to an adults only resort) to sortof celebrate coming to terms with our decision and starting our life over.  It was the shock of a lifetime when my period was late in January, and we got a positive test!

    I am so happy for you right now! Congrats!


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  • Definitely planned We had been TTC for almost 2 1/2 years. We had 1 MC in early 2009. We had done a couple rounds of clomid but decided to take a break through Christmas and then proceed with IUI/clomid in January. The end of december I was late and cautiously took a test. It was a complete shock and we couldn't be more excited!! We find out the sex on Tuesday. Definitely enjoying each step of the way Big Smile

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  • Planned and 1/2 planned lol

    we got married in aug 2008 wanted babies right away and got pg in oct 2008.

    with this one DH wanted to wait a while after my new insurance kicked in and I want this one now so I cheated my way (we will say) into having this one DH is still very excited =D


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    Planned...after a year of TTC found out i have PCOS and decided to start cycles of clomid. 2 cycles of 50mg and 1 cycle of 100mg and still nothing. Decided that we would do another 100mg cycle of clomid and then explore other options. Had a blood draw for hormone levels right before we left for Mexico for vacation. When came back to home called for my results and they were lower than the previous cycle. Few days later decided what the heck ill take a test just for the hell of it and there it was BFP!!! Was soo excited shaking i called my husband (who was working) and he was speechless. Tuesdays the big day we find out what "team" we will be joining!
    Over a year of trying and 3 cycles of Clomid DS#1 arrived
    DC #2 on its way!

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  • I had three unplanned pregnancies. All wonderfully wanted just never TTC. We figured this time around we would plan it out so I started reading up on when to try and when my fertile days were and ways to possibly have a daughter (all 3 previous are boys). We were going to start trying in February but January took over! Happy Bday to me, I tested after I missed my period and sure enough I was pregnant. Husband was in denial since I've always been really irregular. He wanted a retest. When I started getting sick and went to the Dr. and it tested positive there we went to the OB and again a positive there. We won't find out till around May if we are adding another boy or getting our lil princess. Either way I am happy. DH really wants a girl.. <3
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  • Aww! I'm so happy for you!


    Our story then - We met New Years Eve in Southern California, I was in law school in Sweden (visiting my aunt and cousins in New Port beach) at the time and my now DH was still in high school (he's a year younger) anyways, we basically fell in love, like in the movies. I switched law school programs to be closer to him, we got married 3 years later, and after being together for 6 years planned on starting a family. Elle was born September 2009, and we're expecting another baby girl July 30th 2011.

  • Super duper planned. We started TTC in January of 09 and started seeing a RE in March of 2010. After three failed IUI's we got pregnant with our first IVF.
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  • My husband and I were married October 9, 2010, after being together for 13 years and living together for 4.  We weren't always careful during that time and I have PCOS so we both assumed we would need some fertility treatments to get pregnant.  I stopped birth control myself in March 2009 after being on it for 11 years and my periods were very regular.  Well November 18th I decided to take a test because my period was 2 days late.  Low and behold, we were pregnant and our little boy is due July 25th.  We planned to try a year after being married, but someone had other plans for us.
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  • We started TTCing in Jan 2010 and I got pregnant in July 2010 but I miscarried. I got my BFP in Jan 2011.

    The shock that I was FINALLY pregnant after 5 months of BFN's was incredible. We're SO happy that I'm finally pregnant and I really hope this is our sticky baby. Even at 12 weeks, I'm petrified of a m/c.

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  • With my son it was not planned, I was on the pill and had taken medication for a simple illness. Not knowing that it makes the pill less effective we didn't use any backup. Didn't find out until I was 8 weeks along and my son just turned 2 this February. With this one, I went off the pill in the middle of November thinking it would take some time, well on Christmas I got my BFP and here we go again! This one is the last so it's a little bittersweet. :)
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  • Our pregnancy was 100 % planned!

    We got married in April 2010...and I knew I wanted his baby right away...like on our honeymoon ! lol ... but kyle being more responsible wanted to wait until we paid off some bills and loans first. So , thats what we did. I was able to pay them off by the beginning of June and I got off my birth control. I wanted it to happen right away, so I started reading books... checking my fertility signs lol ...everything. Coming off the pill made my cycles very irregular...but 3 cycles later and several pregnancy tests.... I got my +++ on september 18!

    My husband and I couldnt be more excited.



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  • Both very much planned. With Sarah, we were trying for a couple of months and amazingly got pregnant pretty soon - I was 37 at that time. With this girl, we had been trying for about 8 months and needed some medication to get pregnant. We had always hoped to have kids about 2 years apart and that's what they will be, so it worked out just as planned. I am 40 now and that's it for us.
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  • Very much planned. 4 months of trying, and we were shocked and happy when we got our BFP.
  • LOVE these stories, keep em coming, ladies!!!

    Ours was a total surprise. After dating almost 2 years, my SO proposed while decorating the Christmas tree last year, the most wonderful time... Of the yearrr. We planned on getting married on 03/03/12 (our anniversary). Well, after a little too much "celebrating" over our engagement, I found out about 3 weeks later that I was pregnant! Unfortunately it was a bit hard to celebrate the pregnancy at first since the day before that we took both of our cats to the vet and found out our kitten Tank needed to be put to sleep. He was diagnosed with FPV which is fatal and very contagious. I'm just so thankful that our cat Snickers didn't get it as well. It's just so odd to me that we lost one "child" and gained another in the same weekend.

    Needless to say, we got eachother through it and are more excited then ever to be having this baby. We decided to move the wedding to 03/03 of this year and eloped to a castle in St. Augustine. Of course we would have loved to live in a house and be more financially stable, but after much discussion we both agreed that if we had watied for the "perfect time", it would have never came. So to us, right now IS the perfect time for LO :)


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  • Yes, both my pregnancies were planned. We don't like "surprises" although the first years se were married (got married 2006) we wouldn't have minded too much an unplanned baby, we just hadn't decided to TTC and used condoms all the time.
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  • My husband and I were together for 6 years before we got married in September 2010, I wanted to get pregnant right away.... my whole life all I have wanted is to be a mom.... but he thought we should wait for the new year, we would go on a big vacation.... kind of our belated honey moon/ last big trip before we really started trying... well when my period was late at the very beginning of January I took a test and it was positive!!! So two months before we were originally planning to start trying it already happened!!! We went on our vacation to an awesome week in Mexico when I was 12 weeks.... I just didn't drink lol!! We're so excited and hope it happens just as well for number 2!!
  • Our first was a surprise, I went off the shot after being on it for years. And I was still having irregular periods. Well one week before our first wedding anv. found out I was pregnant with Ian.  Then when Ian was about 9 months old we started tyring for number 2 and got pregnant with our angel baby. Shortly after my husband got laid off and I went back in the shot. Well after the first shot we just went with the whatever happens, happens mentality. And here we are 20 weeks pregnant with Oliver. 
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