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15 month shot in the thigh left a huuuuge red bump

and my husband is so upset he wants me to change doctors.

I feel so bad for DS.  His thigh is hard and swollen and red (like a big red bullseye).  He hasn't cried today (shot was yesterday) and is acting fine but it upset my husband to see it that he thinks the doctor could have done a better job at injecting the needle into the leg.  

Is this a typical reaction to the leg?

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Re: 15 month shot in the thigh left a huuuuge red bump

  • DD got a small red spot and hard lump on her leg from her 12 month shots. I called and talked to a nurse and she said if it didn't go away in a couple days, I should bring her in. I'd call the pedi and let them know. The nurse also recommended massaging the area (if it doesn't hurt LO). I don't think it has much to do with how the shot is administered, I think it's more of a reaction to the shot. They should've given you a hand out with info about possible reactions and when to call the dr. Since LO is acting fine, I wouldn't be too worried, but I would talk to the pedi and just let them know. - I'm well on my way to getting absolutely nothing done today.
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  • I agree with your DH. DS does have a little small bump at the injection sight, but it's gone before his nightly bath. Maybe set up an appointment to meet with a different doctor to check the injection site.

  • My DD1 had something similar (but smaller, I think, from your description) that showed up on her leg a week after she got her MMR. 

    I had a similar reaction to the MMR when I got my vax updated before we TTC. A small area of my arm was hard and sore with some redness. That shot hurts like a mofo. 

    I think it's probably more a minor reaction to the shot than it is to the doctor or nurse's injection technique. I'd keep an eye on it and call the pedi if it doesn't start going away soon. 


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  • I think it's a normal reaction.  DD has had lots of swelling, pain and redness with every shot she has gotten since she was a newborn.  She is usually tender for a day or two and the swelling and rendess goes away by the 3rd or 4th day.  Like PP said, I don't think it has anything to do with the way the injection was administered, it's just LO's reaction to it.  If you are concerned, give the pedi a call just to alert them and see what they think 
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  • It could be a reaction, but it could actually be from the injection itself.  When administering the injection, small blood vessels may have been ruptured, causing the hematoma.  If your LO was moving his leg at all during the injection, that may have caused additional trauma.  It's hard to say.  If your LO will tolerate massaging it, that may help.  Luckily, you said he seems to be unaffected by it.  Having him use the leg and exercise the muscle may help as well.  Hope it goes away soon!
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  • DS had this reaction to one of his 18 month shots last week. It went away after a couple of days. I figured it was from the vaccine, not the doctor. Every time we've gotten shots the #1 reaction listed on his sheet is irritation around the injection site.
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