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Not sure I like this stage

While my DS can be the most adorable sweet thing in the world, he's also at a stage where a crying tantrum is his go-to whenever he doesn't have immediate gratification.  When I get home from work he comes running toward me all smiles.  Within five minutes he's crying because I don't get my coat off fast enough...or I don't let him get the lid off the peanut butter...or I go to the bathroom and close the door...or I don't let him open the fridge.  I think you get the hint.  Any other mommas struggling with this stage?

Re: Not sure I like this stage

  • oh yeah, I'm right there with you. My lil DS is learning that he doesn't always get his way (such as not being allowed to eat dog food) and he lets us know that's he's not happy. We get the full on falls on the floor screaming his little lungs out. I have started to let him to it out of system for about a couple minutes, then I walk over to him, get down on his eye level and explain to him why he had to wait or why he could not have what he wanted.  This hasn't worked yet. :P Usually giving him a sippy cup filled with whole milk works now.

  • Yes, all of those things cause my DS to throw fits.  But I am thankful that his tantrums are usually less than a minute long. 
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  • Yup.
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  • Oh ya! And my DD has lungs like you've never heard before. It is SO embarrassing in public! I try to ignore them at home but it's hard sometimes.
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