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Someone Please Help!

Hey there! I'm having a very hard battle and I need some input! My boyfriend of almost 3 years and I had a beautiful baby girl in October. He has 3 other children from a previous marriage that are ages 12, 10, and 7. We live in Iowa, and the other 3 kids live in North Carolina. He would like to move to NC in a couple of years because he thinks it's important for our Daughter to grow up with her sibilings. I agree but I don't want her to not know my family either!! ALL of my family is in Iowa and his family is scattered from NC to NY and Jersey. I know this is a HUGE decision not only for me but for our precious baby! I can't seem to shake the fact that I'm going to be letting someone down. I know I will feel out of place in NC because that's HIS territory (and his ex-wifes). I don't know how to sort all of this out in my mind, please leave me some helpful advice or words of wisdom. I GREATLY appreciate it!!!

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  • You might get good advice on the blended families board.  Does he see his other kids now?  Do either of you have job opportunities there? DH & I have full custody of SS but we live less then an hour from his BM so he sees her & his sibs every other weekend.  I think it is important to know your siblings and both parents but I wouldn't want to leave my family either.  It's a tough call.  If he isn't thinking about moving for a couple of years hopefully you guys can come to an agreement in the meantime.  Good luck!
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  • Thanks for your advice! He just recently started seeing his kids again, actually, they will be spending ALL of their summer break with us here in IA. Neither of us have anything lined up as a job, but we know we can find SOMETHING. The cost of living is soooo high in NC compared to IA too!! Idk, I guess you're right and I PRAY we can come to an understanding. Thanks again!!!
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