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Recommend a Ped in the East Bay?


As the first of my group of friends to have a baby, I have absolutely no one to aks for pediatrician recommendations. Does anyone have experience with pediatricians at either Alta Bates or Oakland Children's Hospital and can recommend? Thanks!!

Re: Recommend a Ped in the East Bay?

  • Our pedis office is kiwi on san pablo in berkeley there great theres also another office close to ashby bart station on alcatraz. we had to take dd to childrens hospital when she had rsv and they were great very nice and really understanding towards first time parents considering us rushing her to the emergency room two times in two days because i was freaking out. The three doctors we seen were all really good they made sure we felt comfortable enough with what was going on by giving us a lot of info. if our insurance would let me i would be taking her there. 

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