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Leak or discharge??

Okay, I am looking for what you ladies think about this. I just went to the restroom and my underwear are pretty soaked, but it is not necessarily where I would have thought. It is wet in the middle, but it is also pretty wet on the sides like where my inner thighs touch my underwear. So I am wondering if that could be some leakage or if it's just sweat? This happened to me yesterday or the day before. Also, I could have sworn I wiped and was done and when I stand up something ran down my leg. This also happened last night during one of my restroom runs. I smelled it and it was a mixture of urine and just really nothing, so I am wondering whether going to the hospital is a good idea to get it checked out. By the way, I am 39 weeks today. I read another post about lying on your side and seeing if something comes out when you stand up, which I am doing right now, so I will see what happens. Please any opinions are helpful. I feel dumb to go and it just be nothing, but then I'm scared about what if it actually is something!!!! :/ Thanks!!!

Re: Leak or discharge??

  • I am glad you brought that up because I have been having the exact same thing!  I am pretty sure it's just sweat. I have it on the side of my panties too.  But being that you are a lot further along than I am, it wouldn't be a bad idea to make a phone call to be on the safe side.
  • Yeah, that is what I'm thinking I should do. Thanks!
  • I have been having this issue for a couple weeks now. When I asked my midwife about it she decided to take a sample of the discharge and test it for amniotic fluid. She determined it was not amniotic fluid and said it looked very healthy and normal.

    I would probably call the doctor just to get their say. Since you're 39 weeks, they may want to check you!

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  • I have been having this too and I assume the stuff on the side is sweat.  I figure if it is fluid eventually it will go through my pants or something like that and it will be enough for me to notice that I am leaking.  Also it seems like everytime I go to the bathroom and wipe, when I stand up a few drops more come out...super annoying!
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  • This happened to me yesterday and ended up being nothing. They tested mine and did an ultrasound to check fluid levels and all was normal. The side of your undies is just sweat for sure though.
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  • Yeah, I just got back from the hospital and they said it was not amniotic fluid. They said the reason for the leakage is the baby pressing really hard on my uterus or bladder, I forget exactly, but it's just pressure from the baby. They said my uterus is very soft and I'm 50% effaced, so labor literally could be any day now!!! So exciting news to hear! Better safe than sorry. =)
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